Fiscal registrar Eksellio FP-700

  •  Fiscal registrar Eksellio FP-700
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We present a fundamentally new revolutionary Datecs fiscal registrar Eksellio FP-700 \ Excellio FP-700. The fiscal registrar FP-700 is designed to meet modern requirements and fully meets the current needs of the consumer with respect to functional features and usability.

The registrar fully complies with the requirements for registrars with an electronic control tape (KSEF). The new one-station fiscal registrar Eksellio FP-700 \ Eksellio FP-700 is a unique device, created specifically for Ukraine, taking into account all the features of operational practices and legislative nuances.

Cutter type auto cutter
Скорость печати (макс.), lps 200
Тип бумаги thermal paper
Количество символов в строке 32 or 48
Ширина бумаги (макс.), мм 57,5 mm or 80 mm
Диаметр рулона (макс.), мм 86
Ресурс автообрезчика, циклов -
Ресурс термопринтера, км -
Интерфейс подключения 1 x USB, 1 x RS-232, 1 x RS-232 (1 x RJ-12 (customer indicator)), 1 x cash drawer (RJ-12, 24 V)
Питание 220V, 50Hz, adapter 9V / 5A
Дополнительные порты -
Operating temperature range, ° С +5°C … +40°C
Display Graphic LCD display and color tips
Service, mon. 12

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