Fiscal registrar Maria-304T

  •  Fiscal registrar Maria-304T
  • 13,675.00грн.


The modern, reliable and affordable fiscal registrar Maria -304T1 meets the legislative requirements of Ukraine and is used to conduct cash transactions at various enterprises with high-intensity working conditions. It has the function of calculating tax algorithms, including double tax. On this device, you can install additional software that meets the necessary requirements of the enterprise.

The “Maria 304T1” model is equipped with a Japanese built-in printer, a customer’s remote indicator, a splash-proof original case, an external customer display, and an auto cutter. The recorder can be connected to a stationary PC and laptop through RS232 and USB interfaces.

Cutter type auto cutter
Скорость печати (макс.), lps 170
Тип бумаги thermal paper
Количество символов в строке 42
Ширина бумаги (макс.), мм 57
Диаметр рулона (макс.), мм 60
Ресурс автообрезчика, циклов 1 000 000
Ресурс термопринтера, км 150
Интерфейс подключения RS232, usb, ethernet
Питание 24V
Дополнительные порты RJ11 cash drawer, customer display
Operating temperature range, ° С 0°C … +50°C
Display external
Service, mon. 12

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