Fiscal registrar mobile Eksellio FPP-350

  • Fiscal registrar mobile Eksellio FPP-350
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Fiscal registrar Exellio FPP-350 is a device specially created to ensure the mobility of work. The built-in battery and the use of wireless technologies allow working with the fiscal recorder without being tied to a workplace. The recorder can operate under the control of mobile devices with a Bluetooth interface, and the DFS data transmission is carried out using GPRS technology.

Interfaces in the fiscal recorder Exellio FPP-350:

  • Bluetooth for data transmission from a mobile device;
  • RS-232C for connection to desktop devices (computer, laptop);
  • Mini USB 2.0 for transferring information to digital devices;
  • GPRS for data transmission to fiscal services.

Technical features:

  • Rubber protective cover and AC adapter allow the Exellio FPP 350 to be used in extreme conditions;
  • Equipped with a client indicator;
  • Li-Ion 7.4V battery allows continuous operation up to 3 hours;
  • "Easy-load" system for quick replacement of the receipt tape;
  • Bluetooth module for integration with various devices;
  • The print engine is designed to handle loads of mobile use. Print speed of 100mm / s ensures reliable printing of text, graphics, logos, 1D and 2D barcodes.
Метод печати Direct thermal
Разрешение 203 dpi
Ширина бумаги (макс.), мм 57, 80
Диаметр рулона (макс.), мм 40
iIterface USB, RS-232
Питание Adapter 9V 5A / Accum. 7.4V 2000mA / h
Weight, kg 0,4
Габаритные размеры, мм 109х120х63

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