Sanatoriums, health centers


модуль HMS в медучреждении

Mobile application for remote marking of performed services


The SERVIO Check In mobile application allows staff to remotely mark services performed. Most often used by doctors, beauticians, beauty salon masters and other personnel working at points of service to mark the performed service. The service status is automatically changed in the administrator program.

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модуль HMS в медучреждении

Room fund management


SERVIO HMS - a necessary tool for sanatoriums, recreation centers and other enterprises, where, along with conducting wellness procedures, guests are provided with a service of accommodation. Thanks to the merged integration with SERVIO Planner, guest data is automatically uploaded from HMS to Planner without the need for an additional manual transfer.

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модуль HMS Corporate в медучреждении

To connect corporation companies to booking rooms


SERVIO HMS Corporate - corporate booking module that allows you to organize the connection of corporate companies to the Servio HMS system. The use of this module will reduce the number of tasks performed by your staff, and customers will get convenient web-access to operational information about reservations / accommodations of their employees at the hotel.

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модуль HMS Reservation в медучреждении

Booking module for the hotel website


SERVIO Reservation - online booking and payment tool. In combination with the automation system SERVIO HMS, this module can significantly increase the convenience of booking and paying for rooms, as well as simplify the settlement procedure. All this in a complex will allow to achieve high loyalty of your guests and significantly increase the number of sales.

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модуль Loyalty Program в медучреждении

To form and manage a loyalty program


SERVIO LoyaltyProgram - инструмент для управления и формирования системы лояльности клиентов, а так же для реализации всевозможных акций и бонусных программ. Гибкость настроек системы позволяет настроить любые правила проведения как временных, так и постоянных маркетинговых мероприятий. Даный инструмент работает в связке с программами учета, такими как Servio POS, Servio HMS и другими, так же есть возможность интеграции с чекопечатающим оборудованием.

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модуль Loyalty Program в медучреждении

Integration with IP telephony


Модуль SERVIO SIP-connection - is an additional service for the SERVIO HMS system. This module integrates with IP-telephony and allows you to see the contact information on the caller on the monitor screen. Using the SERVIO SIP-connection module will simplify the work on receiving incoming calls and greatly facilitate the work on their processing. When you install this module, you can improve the speed and quality of customer service, making the process easy and efficient.

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модуль POS в медучреждении

Restaurant automation software


SERVIO POS  is the maximum set of functionality for the catering establishment. The system platform with an intuitive interface adapts to any size of business and perfectly integrates with other products from the SERVIO line.

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модуль Work Desk в медучреждении

Admin panel for configuring restaurant modules


SERVIO POS WorkDesk installed on the workplace administrator, manager and / or director. The module allows the flexibility to customize the technological process of the software for each user individually, which in turn makes the system as adaptable as possible to customer requirements. Setting service locations: halls, layout, banquet arrangement and standard layout as well as output of reports for a given period.

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модуль Work Time в медучреждении

Personnel working time tracking


SERVIO POS WorkTime installed on the terminal service personnel. Accurately records the time of arrival and departure of employees by reading a personal card; The ability to generate reports for each employee and in general.

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модуль POS Pocket  в медучреждении

Mobile app for staff


SERVIO POS Mobile  - this is a version for tablets and mobile phones, which will significantly speed up the work of the attendants. Installed on the smartphone / tablet service personnel, which allows to significantly speed up the service process. This tool works in conjunction with accounting programs, there is also the possibility of integration with check printing equipment.

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модуль App Report в SPA

Mobile application for receiving statistics on a smartphone


SERVIO Mobile Statistic provides the ability to receive company reports on any device (phone, tablet) with the Android and IOS operating system. The use of this module allows the employees of the enterprise to keep abreast of current information and actively respond to changes in certain indicators, for example, the loading of the hotel room (for hotels) or the amount of money (for a restaurant).

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модуль Back Office в медучреждении

Для ведения складского и управленческого учета


UNF SERVIO BackOffice It is an industry add-on for the «1С:Підприємство» configuration. 8. It manages a small company for Ukraine and allows you to maintain management accounting, accounting for food service warehouse (s) at service enterprises This software package has data exchange interfaces with the SERVIO HMS, SERVIO POS front office software and the exchange of information with the «1С:Підприємство» accounting software. This solution provides for conducting end-to-end management accounting for all organizations belonging to the company, or for each organization.

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Электронные замки для санатория

VingCard electronic locks for rooms, general rooms


Electronic locks VingCard can be installed both in the rooms of the hotel located at the sanatorium, and in general rooms (SPA-rooms, medical block and others).


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модуль HMS в медучреждении

Planning and allocation of procedures


SERVIO Planner created for convenient and quick planning of health procedures in sanatoriums, preventive and health-improving complexes, medical centers. The multifunctional system of settings allows you to flexibly adjust the time, pauses and frequency of procedures, taking into account all the necessary restrictions. 

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The main task in the automation of sanatoriums, boarding houses and health complexes is to ensure the management of the room fund, reservation and settlement services, automation of the medical unit, the implementation of vouchers and combine all these areas into a single working mechanism.

SERVIO software for sanatoriums and health centers solves all of the aforementioned tasks due to the presence of multifunctional software modules, customized data exchange between them and a variety of integrations with equipment and third-party software.

The effective use of the professional knowledge and experience of the personnel, as well as the medical base, is possible only with the correct, optimal organization of the medical process. Automation tools allow you to be more reliable, flexible, creating a reliable platform for further expansion. Flexible program settings allow you to integrate to the requirements and characteristics of the institution.

Automation of a sanatorium or medical facility allows:

  • Concentrate all the company's activities under a single management
  • Modernize business activities
  • Control the movement of finances and keep records
  • Generate all the necessary reporting on various parameters
  • Rational use of available resources: offices, halls, pools, saunas, etc.
  • Increase the speed and quality of customer service
  • Create your own loyalty strategy
  • To establish internal communication of employees


The SERVIO automation system for spa complexes consists of three main areas:

  • Medical unit automation
  • Room fund management
  • Implementation of vouchers


Automation of the medical unit in sanatoriums and health centers

The solution to the problem of automation and control of the medical unit is handled by the SERVIO Planner program. The product is responsible for the quick and convenient appointment, planning and distribution of health procedures in sanatoriums, the formation of the necessary medical documents.


Appointment of procedures

The program is equipped with a convenient procedure assignment system. You can add a session manually or automatically distribute the package of procedures by day. This feature greatly simplifies and speeds up the appointment process, saving time for both the client and staff.

Due to the flexible system of settings and setting restrictions on the procedures, with automatic distribution, the program will take into account all the necessary breaks between procedures, and with manual prescription, it will limit the possibility of prescribing.

Formation of official medical documents approved by the Ministry of Health

Medical records, visit sheets and other documents that you previously filled out manually are now entered into the program, from where they are printed. The entire history of medical indicators, a schedule of changes and treatment results are stored in a single database.


Room fund management

The management of the number of rooms in the sanatorium complex and the settlement of guests takes place in the SERVIO HMS program. Thanks to the streamlined integration with SERVIO Planner, guest data is entered once upon check-in, and information is automatically uploaded to Planner.

In addition to the basic functions (check-in, check-out of guests) in the SERVIO HMS program, the keys to the rooms are issued, access for free access to SPA centers, fitness rooms, conference rooms, the formation of tasks for the housekeeping service, work with groups and many other important management functions.

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