Gas stations and complexes (gas stations, gas stations)


SERVIO PUMP for filling station automationThe filling station automation software SERVIO PUMP was created to automate the entire process of serving guests at a gas station - refueling cars, selling goods and services.


  • support for all popular models of fuel dispensing equipment;
  • full control and management of the movement of fuels and lubricants;
  • full control over the tank farm;
  • management of a store and a warehouse of related goods and services;
  • trade in a store at a free price and from various legal entities
  • a wide range of connected devices (level gauges, trade equipment, terminals ...);
  • preparation and exchange of information with remote offices;
  • the most flexible setting of payment methods;
  • work with contractors;
  • own offline card system (fuel and discount cards);
  • multi-issue;
  • own online card system (fuel and bonus cards);
  • a variety of bonus and discount schemes (including referral);
  • schedule for applying discounts and bonuses
  • several operator workplaces in the network;
  • support for the simultaneous operation of different types of fuel dispensers, level measurement systems, fiscal registers, etc.
  • work with hardware counters of speaker controllers
  • work in the mode of the manager of the gas station (gas station);
  • support for functional extensions (payment for mobile services, replenishment of cards at gas stations, etc.);
  • control and monitoring of all system operations and operator actions;
  • various forms of reporting;
  • a single check for goods, services and fuels and lubricants;
  • interface that allows you to work with "touch screens"
  • quick change of the required method of accounting for fuels and lubricants
  • database maintenance utilities;
  • the ability to print pending receipts for previously made sales

SERVIO PUMP OFFICE для бэкофиса на АЗС

The SERVIO PUMP OFFICE program has a number of tools for the back office of the company, which allow to fully coordinate the work of the gas station network "from the office".


  • collection of information on the sale of petroleum products in a single database with subsequent processing;
  • drawing up a variety of reports on the sale of petroleum products;
  • graphic representation of the volumes of sales of petroleum products;
  • viewing the event log ("black box");
  • remote change of prices and user rights;
  • obtaining detailed information on the sale of goods and services at gas stations;
  • maintaining a unified directory of goods and services;
  • keeping incoming and outgoing documents, transferring them to gas stations for processing;
  • differentiation of functions and rights of users of the system;
  • work in multiplayer mode;
  • full-fledged processing of fuel and discount cards
  • export of information in text or XML format;
  • mechanisms for business planning, analytical reports (OLAP)
  • full data compatibility with "SERVIO PUMP"

SERVIO PUMP WEB для онлайн-мониторинга АЗС

The SERVIO PUMP WEB online monitoring system for filling stations provides round-the-clock access to the status of the filling station, namely the following data:

  • Tank farm condition (level, volume, level gauge status, alarms, etc.)
  • The condition of the fuel dispenser fleet
  • Fuel sales for the current shift on the basis of payment, by fuel type
  • Implementation diagrams for the current shift
  • "Black box"
  • Access from both personal computers and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android OS devices, Windows Phone, etc.) through a regular browser
  • Encrypted channel of information transmission from filling stations

Топливные ONLINE карты SERVIO PUMP

Fuel ONLINE cards SERVIO PUMP is a payment instrument, which is any card (including contactless, magnetic, etc.), which are the account identifier on the company's server. The cards allow you to purchase fuels and lubricants and services using information about balances, limits, volume and range of fuels and lubricants and related services, as well as the amount of money available for the purchase of oil products and services, stored on the company's server, and, accordingly, relevant at any time and in any place with communication channels.

Replenishment of card wallets and change of vacation limits are carried out in the processing center (office) of the company. Replenishment at a gas station is possible.

Our SERVIO PUMP OFFICE system is used as card processing, as well as a reporting tool, which provides information on all transactions carried out and generates various reports, incl. for corporate clients. Responsible for maintaining a single database, collecting and processing information about the operation of the filling station, ensuring compliance with a single technological cycle.

Because information is not recorded directly on the ONLINE SERVIO PUMP card, but is stored on the server using an identifier, then inexpensive media (for example, magnetic stripe cards) can be used as a card.

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Автоматизация ресторанов, кафе, баров

Automation of filling stations (filling stations) and filling complexes (filling stations) requires serious software to ensure the availability of the full range of functions necessary to manage all areas of the complex's activities:

  • Sale and supply of fuel, control over residues;
  • Integration with fuel systems;
  • Sale of goods and services;
  • Management of a cafe or shop located on the territory of the complex;
  • Loyalty system maintenance;
  • Application of fuel cards.

SERVIO Pump software together with a number of additional modules (Pump Office, Pump Loyalty, Web Pump, fuel cards) will solve all problems related to the automation and management of filling stations and complexes.

Fuel dispenser controls

Automation of fuel supply and control of its movement, integration with fuel dispensing equipment is one of the main tasks performed by the SERVIO Pump program.

Main advantages:

  • Various forms of payment: prepayment, postpaid, mixed payment;
  • Several modes of release of fuels and lubricants: automatic or with confirmation;
  • Several order modes are available: by displacement or money. The ordering mode "to full tank" is supported.
  • Possibility to transfer an order from one fuel dispenser to another;
  • Automatic calculation of change;
  • Emergency stop of the fuel dispenser;
  • Unreleased dose release mode.

Service of the gas station tank farm

The SERVIO PUMP system is equipped with a modern monitoring system that allows you to control the amount of fuel in the tank tanks and accurately measure its residues, thanks to integration with level gauges. The system allows you to speed up the process of filling tanks without stopping sales, to control possible leaks, to reduce the error in the calculation of the movement of fuels and lubricants.

Main advantages:

  • Graphical display of all parameters of the reservoirs according to the level gauges data;
  • Fuel metering in liters and kilograms;
  • Possibility of blocking tanks in critical conditions;
  • Manual blocking of tanks available;
  • Leakage control, comparison of balances with sales;
  • Automatic calibration of tanks during fuel delivery.

Fuel cards

The use of fuel cards at gas stations is a convenient modern tool for purchasing fuel and calculating bonuses in the form of additional fuel and lubricants. It works on the principle of a deposit card, which the client replenishes, and then, when refueling, debits from the account without having to visit the gas station cashier every time. The fuel card can be either an RFID card or a magnetic card.


According to the number of jobs. The program for the automation of cafes, bars, restaurants SERVIO POS is licensed for workplaces of wait staff (waiters, bartenders, cashiers). Accordingly, if you plan to install one POS terminal in a restaurant (cafe, bar), you need to purchase one license of the SERVIO POS program, if two terminals - two licenses, etc.

Yes, if you have a small cafe and you only need basic functionality (receiving and processing orders, printing bills and receipts, communication with kitchen terminals). In this case, our SERVIO POS Mobile application is suitable for you. It is installed on mobile devices with the Android operating system.

To implement this solution you will need:

· SERVIO POS Mobile mobile application. The number of licenses equals the number of mobile devices that you will use to work.

· Mobile devices. Technical requirements:

       o Android version not lower than 4.4 KitKat;

        o RAM not less than 2 GB;

· A program to configure SERVIO WorkDesk.

· Equipment for the database. It can be, for example, a nettop.

We recommend using a server or a dedicated PC to store the database. It will provide security and reliable data saving for your company.

However, in small enterprises where 1-2 workplaces are used, the presence of a server is not a prerequisite. Information can be stored on the working terminal. In the case of large restaurants, where a lot of workplaces are used, different software modules are connected, a server is required.

Yes. SERVIO software has a report of suspicious events. It displays all the suspicious actions performed in the program: canceling accounts, deleting positions from a check, transferring positions to another account, applying discount cards, etc.

Yes. We have a main module for organizing delivery. As well as additional tools, such as a courier application and chat bot for placing orders through the messenger.

Everything. We have the necessary API protocols for setting up a bundle with a website or mobile application. To configure, you must provide the same protocol from your online products.

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