Fiscal registrar Maria 304T3

  • Fiscal registrar Maria 304T3
  • 18,500.00грн.

The fiscal registrar Maria 304T3 is an improved version of the previous model Maria 304T2. The new model combines not only excellent technical characteristics, but also an updated design and improved performance. The fiscal registrar Maria 304T3 is equipped with an electronic panel IK-110.

Maria 304T3 has a fairly small size and a convenient external display. It features a high print speed (up to 250 mm / s), has various interfaces for connecting a PC and cash drawer integration. The check cutting mechanism is designed for 2 million operations.

This fiscal registrar is designed to work at retail or wholesale enterprises (food and non-food stores, supermarkets, cash desks).

The main advantages of the fiscal registrar Maria 304T3:

  • compactness;
  • high printing speed - up to 250 mm / sec;
  • the check cutting mechanism is designed for 2 million operations;
  • thermal tape 57 x 59 x 80 mm;
  • interfaces for connecting a PC;
  • cash drawer connection;
  • It is completed with an electronic board IK-110.
Maximum number of checks per day 800
The maximum number of goods sold per shift 15516
The number of characters in the product name 72
Скорость печати (макс.), lps 250 mm/s
Количество символов в строке 24
Ширина бумаги (макс.), мм 57,5 or 80
Ресурс автообрезчика, циклов 1 500 000
Ресурс термопринтера, км 200
Интерфейс подключения USB, RS-232, Ethernet, cash drawer port, display port
Weight, kg 1,1
Габаритные размеры, мм 131 x 155 x 133
Питание Input AC 100~240V±10%
Operating temperature range, ° С 0 C... +45 C
Display External
Service, mon. 18

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