Cash register Exellio DP-15

  • Cash register Exellio DP-15
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The Exellio DP-15 is a budget portable cash register. Equipped with all the necessary accessories for full and comfortable work: a powerful battery, a convenient keyboard, the ability to connect auxiliary equipment (barcode scanner, scales, payment terminal), a large amount of memory for goods, fiscal memory for 4500 Z-report and all senior software functions models.

Technical features:

  • Using the built-in Ethernet and / or GPRS modem allows you to send reporting information to the revenue and collection authorities without the use of external devices.
  • RS-232C ports allow you to connect: computer, barcode scanner, electronic scales, payment terminal to choose from. The choice of connecting a particular device is carried out through the menu of the device.
  • The professional keyboard "Exellio DP-15" is easy to use thanks to the reliable design borrowed from banking technology, large tactile keys, and functional division into zones.
  • Fast and reliable operation of the machine is ensured by a reliable printer from the Japanese company Epson with a print speed of 90 mm / s.
  • The printing mechanism of the machine has an Easy load (or Drop in) fast paper setting system, which makes it possible to load the ribbon in a matter of seconds.
  • "Excelio DP-15" solves the need for deep automation with integration into the accounting system of the entrepreneur. The software is installed on the entrepreneur's PC, to which the devices are connected via the network.
Метод печати Direct thermal
Разрешение 203 dpi
iIterface 2xRS-232, Ethernet, GPRS
Weight, kg 0,52
Габаритные размеры, мм 160х226х97
Питание Adapter 9V 5A / Accum. 7.4V 2000mA / h
Скорость печати 52 mm / s
Ширина бумаги 57 mm
Память Up to 100,000 products 4500 Z-reports

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