Mobile application for courier service

The mobile application for the courier delivery service makes the work of couriers as mobile, convenient and understandable as possible. The application is equipped with all the features necessary for the courier to work comfortably: receiving orders, distributing between couriers, changing the responsible one, canceling delivery, as well as automatically calculating the shortest route, taking into account all accepted orders and the time of their delivery.

A smart route planning system will allow couriers to work more efficiently and deliver orders as quickly as possible. Each time, the system individually calculates the route according to the delivery addresses of orders and time, marking all the stops on the map.

Application features for courier delivery service:

  • Smart route planning system on the map, taking into account all accepted orders and the time of their delivery;
  • Access to all orders formed for sending;
  • Appointment of a responsible courier for each order or automatic selection of a person responsible for a specific area;
  • The ability to change the courier;
  • Cancel delivery;
  • Change of statuses (accepted for work, delivered, paid).

The application will be very useful for any type of enterprise where there is a delivery service and its own couriers (restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, etc.). It is installed on mobile devices with the Android operating system (most often smartphones) and allows you to optimize the work of the courier service.

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