Configuring Servers

  • Configuring Servers

Expert Solution provides services for preparing and configuring servers running OS Linux and Windows OS. Installing a local server will allow you to simplify and improve the functioning of the computer system of both the entire enterprise and individual units.

We make adjustments:

  • WebService: Apache and Nginx + PHP to organize your web site
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreeSQL
  • Post services: Postfix, Cyrus IMAP, SPAM Assasin, RoundCube WebMail
  • Creating VPN Networks: Configuring Firewall, Proxy, NAT
  • The installation and launch of the server is carried out according to the standard scheme, which allows us to speed up the implementation time of the project and to guarantee the quality of our specialists.

Project implementation stages:

  • Collection of information and preparation of technical assignments
  • Configuring and preparing the server
  • Testing
  • Launching

Local networks are required for:

  • Provision of teamwork to employees who are remotely located in different rooms and even buildings.
  • Agreed work with a structured cabling system (SCS), including video surveillance over the Internet, access to the facility and other functions.
  • Remote use of general information without downloading it to the personal computer of each workplace.
  • Collaborate with peripheral equipment.
  • Savings on procurement and ongoing maintenance of all peripheral equipment.
  • Ensuring the order in keeping records and strict control over access to data stored on servers.
  • Facilitate document accounting, since the specifics of the network's operation exclude the loss of documents.
  • For the convenience of searching any document for its attributes (number, date of publication, title, authorship, etc.)
  • Organization of a unified security policy at the enterprise or at the office.

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