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SERVIO Support


Full control

Full control

Processes of execution of the application from start to finish
History of work performed


on the executed works is stored in the database
High speed of service


applications (cost of works) in online mode
Control of work performed


email notifications about the progress of work
Save time

Save time

for software process maintenance
Simple control of applications at all stages

High speed

and quality of service

Technical support in Viber and Telegram!

Connect to our chat bots in Viber и Telegram and chat with technical support specialists online.



SERVIO Support




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User guide

We made sure that working with automation tools Serviowas extremely simple for the user, and the stage of adaptation and training is the fastest. To do this, we created a detailed instruction with step-by-step guidance.

Follow the recommendations for using the software products Servio - keeping records and accounting, setting up loyalty programs, installing additional modules and working with them.

This and other useful information is publicly available to users of the automation system in Servio wiki.


Change Log

All software products Servio are constantly being modernized - functional is being expanded, mistakes are eliminated and additional capabilities of existing modules are being improved, in accordance with modern business requirements.

We take into account the wishes and recommendations of users of the system Servio,we analyze them, and after testing we implement them in new versions of the product.

All changes that we make to the system are recorded in the online journal Servio change list.

SERVIO change list


The implementation of the system in a typical hotel is carried out within 3-4 weeks, and a restaurant with 2-3 points of sale will be ready for launch in 2 weeks.

Personnel training with automation tools can be both in a group and individually and is carried out in on-line and off-line modes, according to a plan previously approved with the customer.

Yes. All SERVIO software can be rented. This, by the way, is an ideal solution for start-up entrepreneurs or just opened new establishments, as it allows to reduce the initial costs of starting a new business.

When calculating the price for the rental of software takes into account the direction of the business and the necessary configurations.

The implementation of the automation system takes place in 5 stages:

  • analysis of the enterprise and identification of its needs;
  • development of technical specifications;
  • system setup (help systems, reporting forms, access for each user), installation of equipment;
  • testing;
  • launch of an automation system;

You can familiarize yourself with the equipment that we use when installing an automation system here .

How is the service support after startup ?

On software warranty of 12 months, and the equipment warranty period of the manufacturer.

Although we do not “welcome” such methods, but with burning deadlines, the launch of a restaurant can occur after 3 days.

The SERVIO software is protected by the laws of Ukraine and international copyright agreements, as well as other laws and treaties governing copyright relations. All exclusive rights to the corresponding software, as well as its materials and copies belong only to the copyright holder.

The license agreement is valid in relation to the above mentioned software, recorded on the respective media or on the copyright holder's website, any printed materials and any “embedded” or electronic information.

By installing or using the software, you automatically agree and accept all the terms of the license agreement.

1. Rights to use software

By purchasing licensed software, the user can obtain the following rights:

1.1 24-hour access during the validity period of the selected tariff;

1.2 Use of the program and all its functions to the extent indicated by the tariff, as well as through the implementation of all necessary actions for the operation of the software according to its purpose;

1.3 Storage and online use. It is allowed to store, install and launch a copy of the program from a public storage device (for example, a network server).

2. Distribution and transfer of software to third parties

All exclusive rights to sell and distribute software, its materials and copies belong to the copyright holder. Any distribution, resale or transfer of software, its materials and copies to third parties without prior written agreement with the owners is a serious violation of the license agreement and applicable copyright laws.

3. Property rights

3.1 The software, user manual and instructions provided with the software are the intellectual property of the legal entity that provides you the software (hereinafter referred to as the “Supplier”) and are protected by applicable copyright law, provisions of international treaties and other applicable laws of the country where it is used software. The structure, organization and program code of any software are trade secrets and confidential information belonging to the Supplier. You grant the Supplier the right and your permission to preserve and use in any way in the development of your existing or future products or services any of your comments and suggestions regarding the Solution and sent by you to the Supplier without paying any compensation and confirming your permission for such storage or use.

3.2 Ownership of the software and its use do not give you any rights, including software copyrights, user manuals and instructions, except as specified in this Agreement. All rights to the Solution, including any related copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, are reserved by the Supplier.

4. Changes and updates of the license agreement

We reserve the right to change, update or supplement the information of the license agreement. All changes, updates and additions will be published on this page.

Expert Solution Company takes care of the security of its customers' data. To ensure that you do not worry about what happens to your data after submitting it to us, we have created this Privacy Policy regarding the use of your customers' personal information. This Privacy Policy covers all information that Expert Solution may receive during the installation and use of the software.

Installing and using the software means that the user accepts the terms of the Privacy Policy and gives full consent to the processing and use of personal information, and also means that the user has the full right to use and enter personal information about the company to obtain the corresponding services provided by the software.

1. Collection of personal information

1.1 The “personal information” of the user means all the provided data that the user specified during registration, installation and during the use of the software, including all personal data about the user and the company, as well as data that is automatically transferred to Expert Solution during the use of the software ;

1.2 This Privacy Policy applies only to software;

1.3 Expert Solution does not check personal information for accuracy and does not monitor its relevance. However, we assume that the information transmitted is reliable and relevant.

2. Processing user personal information

2.1 Expert Solution Company collects only the data that is necessary for the correct operation of the software, as well as for the operation of the services included in

the software;

2.2 Personal information of users can be used to identify within agreements, customize software, communicate with the client (send notifications, requests and information regarding the use of software, provide services, as well as process requests and requests), provide personalized services, install updates and improving service quality, conducting statistical analysis.

3. Providing access to information to third parties

3.1 We do not provide access to user personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the user;

3.2 We may only transfer personal information of the user in the following cases:

3.2.1 If the user himself has granted permission to transfer;

3.2.2 The transfer is necessary as part of the use of a particular service by the user or to provide a service to the user;

3.2.3 Detection and prevention of fraud by the user;

3.2.4 Solving security problems and troubleshooting technical issues;

3.2.5 Compliance with the legislation of Ukraine, including the provision of information upon the request of individuals and legal entities, institutions, organizations of any form of ownership or state bodies that are entitled to receive such information in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;

3.2.6 Protection of the rights, property and security of Expert Solution, its clients or the public, within the framework of the legislation of Ukraine;

3.2.7 Lack of user rights to use personal information about the company.

4. Protection of personal information

Expert Solution takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect users' personal data from unlawful infringement, accidental access, deletion, copying, modification, distribution and other illegal actions by third parties in relation to the user's personal information.

5. Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change, update or supplement the information of this Privacy Policy. All changes, updates and additions will be published on this page.

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