SERVIO POS WorkDesk installed on the workplace administrator, manager and / or director. The module allows the flexibility to customize the technological process of the software for each user individually, which in turn makes the system as adaptable as possible to customer requirements. Setting service locations: halls, layout, banquet arrangement and standard layout as well as output of reports for a given period.

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модуль POS Report в магазине


SERVIO POS Report installed on the administrator's PC, manager and / or director. The module allows you to receive a variety of information on the work of the enterprise - final reports, commodity reports on the cash desk, analysis of sales volumes for any period of time in various sections on personnel, cashiers and a specific point of sale.

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модуль Work Time в магазине


Модуль SERVIO POS WorkTime  installed on the terminal staff. Accurately records the time of arrival and departure of employees by reading a personal card; The ability to generate reports for each employee and in general.

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модуль POS Pocket в магазине

SERVIO POS Mobile  This is the version for tablets and mobile phones, which will significantly speed up the work of the attendants. Installed on the smartphone / tablet service personnel, which allows to significantly speed up the service process. This tool works in conjunction with accounting programs, there is also the possibility of integration with check printing equipment.

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модуль App Report в SPA


SERVIO Mobile Statistic provides the ability to receive company reports on any device (phone, tablet) with the Android and IOS operating system. The use of this module allows the employees of the enterprise to keep abreast of current information and actively respond to changes in certain indicators, for example, the loading of the hotel room (for hotels) or the amount of money (for a POS).

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UNF SERVIO BackOffice - It is an industry add-on for the «1С:Підприємство» configuration. 8. It manages a small company for Ukraine and allows you to maintain management accounting, accounting for food service warehouse (s) at service enterprises This software package has data exchange interfaces with the SERVIO HMS, SERVIO POS front office software and the exchange of information with the «1С:Підприємство» accounting software. This solution provides for conducting end-to-end management accounting for all organizations belonging to the company, or for each organization.

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модуль ExpressTrade в магазине


The automation system for the SERVIO POS ExpressTrade supermarkets is managed by the SQL DBMS, which allows you to work efficiently with large amounts of data. Convenient, intuitive, customizable graphical interface of the module, designed for touch control or control of hot keys. Ability to customize the work of cash registers in local mode. Work with a variety of commercial equipment.

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Automation of supermarkets allows you to combine specialized equipment, technology and software in order to increase the efficiency of enterprise management. The software tool SERVIO POS ExpressTrade has all the necessary functionality to reduce the costs associated with working in manual mode. Allows you to significantly simplify the process of doing business, making it more mobile.

Supermarket automation systems SERVIO POS ExpressTrade:

  • The system is managed by MS SQL DBMS, which allows you to work effectively with large amounts of data;
  • Convenient, intuitive, customizable graphical interface, designed for touch control or control of "hot" keys;
  • Ability to customize the work of cash registers in local mode;
  • Integration with the trading equipment: scales for weighing at the checkout, scales with bar code printing, readers and scanners, codes, data collection terminals, support for all fiscal registrars, information kiosks, bank terminals.

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