SERVIO Planner for spa treatment planning

The SERVIO Planner program was created for the quick and effective distribution of medical and preventive procedures in sanatoriums, boarding houses, SPA centers and other medical and preventive complexes. The software is also suitable for all enterprises where cosmetic procedures are provided (beauty salons, laser cosmetology centers, nail salons, hairdressers) and fitness clubs.

It is equipped with all the necessary set of software tools for convenient recording of clients, planning procedures taking into account the workload of service places and specialists, maintaining medical records of guests with a detailed description of the state of the body, prescribing treatment or prevention and tracking the history of changes in indicators.

Functionality of the SERVIO Planner program:

  • Customer record;
  • Planning of the procedures taking into account the workload of the places of services and specialists;
  • Convenient distribution of procedures (manual or automatic);
  • Detailed medical guest card;
  • Planning the work schedule of specialists taking into account breaks;
  • Automatic uploading of guest contact details from SERVIO HMS;
  • Search for a client by name, contact details or personal bracelet;
  • Maintaining a discount program, applying discounts, promotions, accrual / deduction of bonuses;
  • Notification to customers of upcoming recordings.

The primary task of the SERVIO Planner program is to quickly, conveniently and correctly distribute the procedures in sanatoriums, SPA-centers, boarding houses and other complexes, where treatment-and-prophylactic or cosmetic procedures are provided.

Automatic distribution of procedures

An important function for institutions that provide a set of procedures, such as, for example, sanatoriums. Allows you to distribute the selected procedures in one click for a specified period of time, taking into account the load of places of service and the specialist. Due to this, the distribution of dozens of procedures occurs in seconds, which significantly speeds up this process and reduces the time spent on its implementation.

History of changes in indicators

The SERVIO Planner program allows you to track the history of health indicators. With their regular introduction to the database, you can easily analyze the dynamics of change. The program also allows you to create and print medical records and other necessary documentation.

Uploading guest data from SERVIO HMS to SERVIO Planner

The most convenient function for sanatoriums and boarding houses where services of accommodation and carrying out medical and preventive procedures are provided. After entering them into the HMS database (upon check-in), guest data is automatically uploaded to Planner, which significantly speeds up the search for a guest in the Planner program, as well as saves staff from additional work.

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