Automation of a cafe, bar, restaurant, coffee shop


модуль workdesk в кафе

To set up a front office


The SERVIO POS WorkDesk module is for customizing front office tools. Entering the assortment of menus, complexes, prices, price lists, modifiers, assigning free meals to the staff.


модуль Back Office в кафе

Organization of warehouse, accounting and financial accounting


UNF SERVIO BackOffice is an industry-specific add-on for the 1C: Pidprumstvo configuration for catering enterprises. Creating costing and technological maps, maintaining balances, writing off products are just a part of the possibilities available in the program.


модуль Back Office в кафе

For self-service terminals


The SERVIO POS Kiosk program is installed in the non-cash payment area and provides an independent replenishment of the card balance. This module allows you to completely exclude the use of cash or bank cards when making payments on the territory of the canteen, replacing them with personal cards, on which free meals for employees or students (for schools) are credited, and also, most often, they also serve as passes.


модуль infomonitor в кафе

Information display software


The SERVIO POS InfoMonitor module is installed on the information display in the aisle area for staff or students (for schools). Serves to display information about new items in the menu, prices, set meals available on that day and any other information.


модуль Work Time в кафе

To track staff time


The SERVIO POS WorkTime module provides recording of the staff's working time by using the time-attendance terminals installed in the personnel passage areas on the territory of the enterprise. Supports employee identification by personal cards, fingerprints, palm scan, Face ID and any other method supported by the terminal.


модуль POS OrderMonitor

To work with orders in the kitchen


Модуль SERVIO POS OrderMonitor installed on kitchen monitors. Designed to quickly receive new orders in the kitchen, control the cooking time, as well as their shipment.


Cashier software


The SERVIO POS program is responsible for automating sales in canteens, conducting settlements with customers. It conducts all operations for creating checks, identifying employees by personal identifier, writing off free meals, selling additional meals and drinks.



Автоматизация ресторанов, кафе, баров

Automation of canteens at enterprises or schools is one of the main areas of our company's work. A variety of software modules and dozens of equipment integrations (access control systems, pass systems) allow you to easily set up an automation system in canteens, where you often need to implement more complex schemes than in classic cafes.


What is the benefit of automating canteens?

• Replacing food stamps with modern contactless RFID cards or wristbands that can simultaneously act as an employee's identifier when entering the company;

• Keeping records, control over write-offs;

• Accelerate and simplify the employee service process;

• Detailed reporting system, maintaining statistics.


The main module in the automation system is SERVIO POS (program in which all mutual settlements, the implementation of free meals, as well as the sale of additional meals and drinks) and module POS WorkDesk (serves to configure all the information on the assortment of menus, prices and free meals).


How do I set up free meals in the SERVIO POS canteen program?

Setting up data in the accounting system → Types of meals, assortment of available meals and drinks for each day, prices, distribution of meal conditions among employees and departments.

Data import from the accounting system into POS → All data on employees are transferred to POS from the personnel accounting system / ACS, and meal tickets are charged to the personnel IDs (RFID-cards, wristbands).

The use of meal passes → It is sufficient to identify the employee by a personal card (or other identifier) by attaching it to a special reader. 


4 types of pre-spoop calculations in canteens

The automation system SERVIO allows you to simultaneously use several types of mutual settlements with employees:

  • Identifiers
  • Cash
  • Bank cards
  • Mixed (when part of the order is deducted from the identifier, and the remainder is paid in cash or by bank card)


Setting up meal subscriptions

► Different types and assortment of free meals: special complex (with a specific range of dishes and drinks for the day of the week), the amount to the personal account with the setting of limits, special discounts, promotions, etc.

► Flexible system of season tickets distribution among the staff. For example, the type of meal can depend on the activity / department of the employee. In this case, you can set up an automatic rule for providing the type of meal by department, position (for example, all engineers) or a specific employee.

► Automatic rules of food types distribution. For example, by specifying once that "complex 1" is given to all engineers, when new engineers are hired - this complex meal will be automatically assigned to new employees.



According to the number of jobs. The program for the automation of cafes, bars, restaurants SERVIO POS is licensed for workplaces of wait staff (waiters, bartenders, cashiers). Accordingly, if you plan to install one POS terminal in a restaurant (cafe, bar), you need to purchase one license of the SERVIO POS program, if two terminals - two licenses, etc.

Yes, if you have a small cafe and you only need basic functionality (receiving and processing orders, printing bills and receipts, communication with kitchen terminals). In this case, our SERVIO POS Mobile application is suitable for you. It is installed on mobile devices with the Android operating system.

To implement this solution you will need:

· SERVIO POS Mobile mobile application. The number of licenses equals the number of mobile devices that you will use to work.

· Mobile devices. Technical requirements:

       o Android version not lower than 4.4 KitKat;

        o RAM not less than 2 GB;

· A program to configure SERVIO WorkDesk.

· Equipment for the database. It can be, for example, a nettop.

We recommend using a server or a dedicated PC to store the database. It will provide security and reliable data saving for your company.

However, in small enterprises where 1-2 workplaces are used, the presence of a server is not a prerequisite. Information can be stored on the working terminal. In the case of large restaurants, where a lot of workplaces are used, different software modules are connected, a server is required.

Yes. SERVIO software has a report of suspicious events. It displays all the suspicious actions performed in the program: canceling accounts, deleting positions from a check, transferring positions to another account, applying discount cards, etc.

Yes. We have a main module for organizing delivery. As well as additional tools, such as a courier application and chat bot for placing orders through the messenger.

Everything. We have the necessary API protocols for setting up a bundle with a website or mobile application. To configure, you must provide the same protocol from your online products.

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