Video surveillance systems

  • Video surveillance systems

Expert Solution provides design, installation and maintenance services for video surveillance networks that allow you to monitor real-time visual observation over the selected area and / or record what's happening on the site for further viewing with a PC, smartphone or tablet. Using such a system, you will control the access of guests and employees to the territory of the enterprise, as well as resolve various situations by analyzing the records received.

Installation steps:

  • Departure of the engineer to the facility
  • Development of a plan for placing video cameras and chains
  • Selection of equipment
  • Installation of equipment: surveillance cameras, video recorders, signal circuits, power supply networks.
  • Adjustment of the equipment: adjustment of working areas of cameras, setting of the DVR.
  • Secure connection and testing
  • Launching
  • When performing the whole complex of works, the customer gets a high-quality and modern video surveillance system.

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