SERVIO Delivery for delivery service

The program for the SERVIO Delivery delivery service is a module that no restaurant, bar, cafe or other delivery company can do without. With SERVIO Delivery, maintaining a customer base, taking orders, shipping and distributing them between couriers will be much more convenient.

The SERVIO Delivery program is a module designed primarily for a call center or delivery operator in a restaurant. It is designed so that the operator can quickly form an order, send it to the kitchen for preparation (well, or to another point of order preparation) and transfer the order to the courier.

It has a connection with a kitchen terminal or a kitchen printer for transferring orders to the kitchen, with fiscal registrars for printing fiscal receipts, with Binotel telephony for comfortable making and receiving calls, as well as chat bots for receiving orders in Viber and Telegram and the site of which Orders are automatically generated in Delivery.

The program is equipped with all the tools for organizing a delivery service:

  • Maintaining a customer base (contact details, delivery addresses, order history);
  • Quick customer search by contact details, personal discount card, etc .;
  • Automatic customer identification by phone number (when calling);
  • Quick formation of an order for registered customers due to the preservation of delivery addresses, customer identification by contact information;
  • Ability to copy an order from history;
  • A bunch of telephony Binotel;
  • Integration with chat bot in instant messengers (Viber, Telegram);
  • Integration with the module of orders on the site (if there are appropriate settings from the site);
  • Orders and invoices are automatically generated in the module upon receipt from the site or chat bot;
  • Integration with a kitchen terminal or kitchen printer to send cooking orders;
  • Integration with the application for the courier service, the ability to appoint a responsible courier, change, distribute orders between couriers.

The module for the SERVIO Delivery delivery service is an indispensable tool for restaurant business enterprises (cafes, bars, restaurants, fast foods and others) and other businesses providing delivery. We developed the program in such a way that operators spent much less time on receiving orders: automatic customer identification by phone number, saving delivery addresses for quick selection, the ability to copy an order from history, automatically generating invoices when an order is received from online channels, etc. .

The SERVIO Delivery software module interacts with all the necessary modules of the automation system, so using it in your delivery service, you can not worry about the accuracy of data and reports (warehouse, accounting, management).

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