Hotel Access Control System (ACS)


Signature RFID Electronic Lock

VINGCARD Signature RFID electronic hotel lock is a stylish lock that combines minimalistic design and the latest developments in the field of access control and management systems. The reader, handle and cylinder (optional) are separated in it, which gives the lock an individual sophistication.

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Minimalist electronic lock with integrated BLE module


Electronic lock for hotels VingCard Essence - a castle that will not leave anyone indifferent. Elegant minimalist design is a feature of Essence Castle. All locking components, including the reader and the board for Mobile Access, are hidden in the door. Despite minimalism, it is also one of the most functional locks, thanks to the use of the latest technology. Essence always has a built-in BLE-module (for other models it must be additionally installed). You just need to install the reader in the door and you can use all the advantages of Mobile Access, the main of which is opening the lock with a smartphone.

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Wall-mounted electronic lock


The electronic lock for hotels VingCard Allure is a sophisticated lock consisting of various wall-mounted glass panels. All locking components and electronics are hidden in the wall. You can customize the design of the panels. The most advanced variation of the panel allows you to set individual settings (unique design, hotel logo, room number, own text with individual font).

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Electronic Lock Flex


The electronic lock for hotels VingCard Flex is a unique model in the VingCard collection. Flex was designed to upgrade Timelox locks to the latest RFID technology,
using the mechanism of the preliminary lock. That is why Flex, as standard, does not have a locking mechanism, which made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the lock and make it as accessible as possible to everyone. If the old lock mechanism does not fit - it can be purchased separately.

The lining in Flex is wide enough to cover almost all the flaws on the door left by the previous lock. The lock is available with one Straight handle and in two colors
Satin Chrome and Satin Brass.

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Electronic lock E100


The electronic lock for hotels VingCard E100 is a lock that is ideal for doors with a narrow profile (up to 40 mm). E100 has the narrowest pad among all locks
VingCard, due to which it can be installed even where it is not possible to install standard locks.

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"Mobile key" for opening locks with a smartphone


ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions mobile key is a contactless technology that allows you to open a number with your own smartphone.

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Online electronic lock management system


The Visionline online system provides remote monitoring and control of electronic locks. It has a number of additional features that are not available when using offline systems (for example, remote termination or renewal of a card, changing a number without reprogramming a key, and others).

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Electronic safe Infinity II


An electronic safe for Elsafe Infinity II hotels is a safe that everyone will love. With its sleek design, Elsafe Infinity will satisfy even the most demanding designer.

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Sentinel II Electronic Safe


Electronic safe for hotels Elsafe Sentinel II - a new series of electronic safes that work together with a numeric keypad. The Sentinel series is on the prestigious UL-1037 list and has the largest range of unique features that a hotel safe can offer.

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Electronic safe Zenith


The electronic safe for Elsafe Zenith hotels - a combination of classic design, maximum security and a pleasant price make this safe reliable and affordable for everyone. Elsafe Zenith is a safe that can attract every hotelier, because there are several different types available in its assortment: the classic Zenith Standard, Zenith Drawer, which is located in a drawer of a table or cabinet, Zenith Floor for the floor and Zenith In-Wall, which is mounted on the wall.

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The minibars are quiet and low power consumption.

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The controller for managing the lift in the hotel


The elevator controller allows you to control the elevator in the hotel, to limit the possibility of movement of unauthorized visitors (not hotel guests), to restrict the access of guests or staff to certain floors.

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Device for remote control of access to shared inputs


The device provides remote control over access to common entrances, such as barriers, conference rooms and others.

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Emergency Exit Device


It provides full access control from the outside and free access from the inside of the hotel.

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Power Saving Device


The device controls the electrical appliances in the room by turning them on and off, depending on the presence or absence of guests in the room. Distinguishes between guest and business cards.

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Classic electronic lock

The electronic lock for hotels VingCard Classic RFID is a classic that has passed thousands of strength tests. Thanks to its classic design, modern RFID technology and affordable price, Classic is one of the most popular electronic lock models in the world. It is also ideal for hotels that have previously had castles. A sufficiently wide cover will be able to cover all the shortcomings left by the "predecessor", so the installation of the Classic lock does not require the mandatory replacement of doors. The lock can be upgraded to an online version by installing an online module. This will allow you to check the status of the number, receive operational information about any operations with the lock and provides remote control.

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ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions' hotel access control and management systems include the entire range of equipment and software technologies for ensuring hotel security: VingCard electronic locks, Elsafe electronic safes, lockers for lockers in locker rooms (SPA complexes, fitness rooms, water parks and others), elevator controllers, evacuation exit devices, remote controllers, Visionline hotel management system, mobile application generating mobile keys “Mobile Access” and others.

The use of the most advanced technologies and durable materials takes ASSA ABLOY hotel access control systems a notch higher than their competitors.

Our company is the exclusive official partner of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions in Ukraine.

Electronic locks for hotels VingCard

Electronic locks for VingCard hotels are advanced technologies, maximum security, durable materials and a wide selection of models that can satisfy the needs of any hotel: classic variations (Classic, Alfa), minimalistic models (Signature, Sigma, Essence), models without a lock mechanism in the standard complete sets (Flex, E100), an innovative solution with wall panels instead of the classic reader (Allure). For opening, VingCard hotel locks use RFID and BLE contactless technologies (they are opened by a mobile device).

As part of the tests, VingCard locks were successfully tested for 1,200,000 openings, thereby proving that decades can work.

Today VingCard locks are installed in more than 42 thousand hotels in 166 countries of the world. Together, these are over 7 million castles. Among the most famous of them are such hotel hotel giants as Hilton, Radisson, InterContinental, Hyatt, Fairmont, Accor, Marriott and others. For most chain hotels, the use of VingCard electronic locks is a priority.

Advantages of VingCard Electronic Locks

♦ Availability of quality certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001

♦ Support the well-known standards of the lock housing ANSI, EURO

♦ Conform to fire resistance standards (UL, EN, BS certificates)

♦ RFID technology (open with a key card, key fob and wristband with RFID chip)

♦ Can be opened by mobile devices with BLE technology (mobile key)

♦ Easily upgrade to a newer version (RFID, online)

♦ Online system using ZigBee technology

♦ Run on 3 AA batteries that provide up to three years of continuous operation

♦ All events with opening, service and others are stored in non-volatile memory of the castle, designed for 2000 events.

♦ Anti-panic function - locks from the inside of the room can be opened only by pressing the handle

♦ Suitable for people with disabilities (ADA)

♦ Robust construction: the handles consist of solid brass with a special self-lubricating construction. Split 3-point steel gate valve with anti-squeeze mechanism. Tempered 2.5 cm crossbar (for ANSI housing).

VingCard - the first locks in the world to start using key cards

It all started in 1974, when Tor Sørnes, an engineer at TrioVing (the parent company of VingCard, and now ASSA ABLOY), having heard the story of an attack by an attacker on a woman in a hotel room, decided to create a more advanced security system in the hotel. As a result, VingCard locks with a key card “appeared” - the first, and at that time the only, locks in the world that rapidly became the leader in the field of security systems for hotels. The world's first punch card lock was installed in 1978 at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel (Atlanta). VingCard electronic locks first appeared in Ukraine in 1994.


ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions 'mobile key' allows you to open VingCard locks with your own smartphone

Mobile Access ("Mobile Key") - a modern option for working with electronic locks. This is a mobile application that is installed on guests’s smartphones and generates unique keys in front of the settlement, with which guests open the electronic lock in their room with their own smartphone (with NFC technology).

The advantages of this solution:

  • No queues at the reception. The guest settles in the room on his own, bypassing the reception desk.
  • Increasing customer loyalty. After all, after a painful trip, the guest does not need to go through additional registration, wait in line.
  • Lower costs thanks to a simplified guest settlement system.
  • Maximum security guarantee. The key generated by the application is unique and can only open the number belonging to the guest.

Electronic safes for Elsafe hotels

Elsafe electronic safes are the first safes in the world that have been rigorously tested for hacking, durability, and reliability with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the most famous organization in the world, and have been included in the prestigious UL-1037 list. Today, this list includes models of Elsafe Infinity and Elsafe Sentinel hotel electronic safes.

Safes for Elsafe hotels are endowed with unique features that cannot be found in any other safes - a revolutionary closing mechanism, spherical doors with stiffeners, hidden steel hinges of an elongated design.

Today Elsafe is rightfully the most recognizable and durable brand among electronic hotel safes worldwide, with more than 1,000,000 safes installed.


Advantages of electronic safes for Elsafe hotels

♦ Locking mechanism in the form of a hook that protects the safe from breaking (Elsafe Sentinel and Infinity models)

♦ Holds laptop up to 17 ”

♦ It is possible to install an internal outlet for charging devices inside the safe (optional)

♦ Individual arrangement of the door (left or right)

♦ The locking mechanism cannot be locked when the safe door is open

♦ Magazine for more than 100 events

♦ Only the incorrectly entered code is recorded in the event log; some competitors also record the guest code.

♦ In the Infinity model - a 6-digit code, and if you unscrew the inside of the door and try to get to the mechanism and the electronics, the protection will work and the safe will not close.

♦ Decoding ability.

♦ Service devices for opening in emergency situations are protected against unauthorized opening of the safe.

Mini-bars for PolarBar hotels

Mini-bars for PolarBar hotels combine classic design, low energy consumption and silent operation to provide guests with maximum comfort, and the hotel is economical.

PolarBar minibars are available in several volumes: 30, 40 and 60 liters. There are also options for models with lights inside, a lock or a glass door.


Advantages of minibars for PolarBar hotels

♦ Silent operation

♦ Removable shelves for easy cleaning

♦ Availability of certificates in accordance with international standards: ISO 9001 2008 / ISO 14001 2004

♦ The use of environmentally friendly cyclopentane for the manufacture of insulating materials

♦ The principle of operation is based on absorption technology (there are no mechanical elements turning around)

Additional hotel security accessories

Locks for lockers with personal belongings of guests

The lock for lockers is ideal for changing rooms in water parks, pools, fitness or spa areas of the hotel. As the key to it, you can use the same RFID key as the number.

Energy saving device

Saves energy in the hotel. The device automatically turns off electrical equipment and air conditioning when guests are not in the room.

Remote controller

It provides access control to common areas, such as gyms, conference rooms, staff entrances, car barriers and more.

Lift controller

With it, only hotel guests and staff will be able to use the elevator. This controller also allows you to restrict access to certain floors, according to the privileges of each guest or employee.

Emergency exit devices

The device provides complete control of access to the room from the outside. It is opened from the inside by pressing the bar (Push bar), providing a free exit in emergency situations.

Not sure which hotel lock to choose?

Use the convenient configurator, where you can see VingCard electronic locks with various handles and in different colors.


All models of VingCard locks, except for E100, can be installed outdoors. Operating temperature from -25 ° C to + 70 ° C.

Important! When installing castles on the street, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of rain falling on them, otherwise the castles will not work.

ZigBee is a wireless technology with a low data transfer rate (up to 250 kbps), which is low in power consumption and supports the network topology “mesh” (it is responsible for the ability of devices to rebuild structure and routing).

Due to its low power consumption, the battery life is significantly extended and provides up to 3 years of continuous operation of VingCard locks.

Offline are locks that are not connected to the computer. They are programmed once and after that they work according to the algorithm they know when reading cards. To read the event log, you need to go to the lock and read it using a service device.

Online locks are connected to the computer wirelessly by ZigBee standard. Any changes to the system on the computer are immediately transferred to the locks. Reading the event log can be done directly from the computer. A lot of additional functions are possible - blocking cards, renewing or deactivating the key after eviction, information about the battery charge, notification of an unclosed door and others.

All actions with the lock are recorded in the independent memory of the lock (the memory is capable of storing up to 2000 events). To find out who opened the castle, just read the event log of the castle. In the case of using an online system, this can be done remotely on a computer with Visionline software. If you use an offline system, the event log is read using a service device.

The lock indicates that the batteries are running out - before opening the LED blinks 4 times in yellow and only after that opens. But if it so happened that you did not have time to replace the batteries and they sat down, the lock can be opened using an additional device - in the new version it is a tablet with the service program installed on it and a special set of cables. This device is connected to a dedicated lock port.

The service device is tied to a specific instance of Visionline software (each hotel has a unique software license) and only authorized personnel can open the lock.

Channel Manager is a program that automatically downloads and updates data on the hotel's room stock (available and occupied rooms, prices) and automatically sends requests for room reservations from OTA channels to the PMS system (if such a connection is established).

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