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мобильное приложение для программы лояльности SERVIO Loyalty

Client monitor module: displaying occupied and free seats in the hall, choosing seats


The SERVIO POS InfoDisplay program allows you to demonstrate the cashier's screen to customers, displaying free and occupied seats in the hall, selected seats. The cashier can turn off and on the demonstration. When using a touchscreen monitor, the client can independently choose seats from the free ones, and the choice is automatically displayed on the cashier's screen.

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Display of movie announcements, advertising materials in the waiting room


SERVIO POS InfoPoster is installed on TV displays in customer waiting rooms. Allows you to show movie previews, information about upcoming sessions, promotional materials.

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мобильное приложение для программы лояльности SERVIO Loyalty

To identify tickets at the entrance to the hall


The SERVIO Validator mobile application is installed on the mobile devices of personnel who identify tickets at the entrance to the hall. Identifies the validity of tickets by QR or barcode.

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мобильное приложение для программы лояльности SERVIO Loyalty

Loyalty program mobile application


SERVIO Loyalty mobile application - completely new features for the loyalty program. Replaces a plastic discount card, displays the QR code of the card for reading from a smartphone, provides the client with access to card data (accumulated bonuses, discounts), displays upcoming visits on the calendar, displays relevant push-reminders about visits, allows you to add information about announcements or special offers and not only.

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модуль App Report в SPA

Getting statistics of the enterprise on a smartphone


SERVIO Mobile Statistic mobile application, which allows the owner, manager or administrator to always be in the know about the work of his cinema or theater. The application displays statistics on sales and traffic, allows you to compare data with the previous period, so you can analyze the work of the company and identify weaknesses even remotely.

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модуль Back Office в кафе

Accounting, financial and warehouse accounting


UNF SERVIO BackOffice is an industry add-on for «1С:Підприємство». configuration. It allows you to maintain management accounting, accounting for catering warehouse (s) at service enterprises. This software package has an interface for exchanging data with SERVIO Cinema front office software, as well as exchanging information with the «1С:Підприємство» accounting program. This decision provides for conducting end-to-end management accounting for all organizations included in the company, or for each organization separately.

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Ticketing area automation


The SERVIO Tickets software product is the main tool in the automation system of cinemas, theaters, concert halls and other enterprises whose main activity is related to the sale of tickets. 

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Software for cinemas and theaters SERVIO Tickets is a modern program that solves all the business processes necessary for the functioning of cinemas, theaters, concert halls and other enterprises with ticket sales points. The system ensures the interconnected work of each of the company divisions, simplifies the work of personnel, improves and accelerates the process of servicing visitors, increases customer loyalty and minimizes the possibility of making mistakes.

The primary task that the SERVIO Tickets program performs is the automation of ticket sales. Implementation can take place using three tools: the cashier’s program (when tickets are sold directly at the cinema’s box office), on the website (for communication we have the necessary API protocol) or in the self-service terminal (for guests to independently purchase tickets in the cinema hall). They are all interconnected, and data is exchanged in real time. Simply put, booking a place in the hall in one of the tools of the program - the place will become inaccessible to everyone.

Functionality of SERVIO Tickets:

  • Sale of tickets and related products (glasses, popcorn, drinks);
  • Checking tickets at the entrance to the hall;
  • Infomonitor with the scheme of the hall for demonstration to customers;
  • Show upcoming sessions on TV panels in the lobby;
  • Synchronization with the site;
  • Mobile application for a loyalty program;
  • Keeping records;
  • Uploading data to the comScore monitoring system.

The program consists of four main modules:

  • The workplace of the cashier;
  • Module for the guest information monitor;
  • Ticket validator;
  • Module for large screens with the announcement of upcoming sessions.

Ticket sales automation

A single module for the sale of tickets and related products (glasses, popcorn, drinks) in a cinema, theater, opera, concert hall, etc. It allows you to sell services and goods with one check (for example, in small cinemas where there are not a lot of staff) or use at different workplaces for specific purposes.

The module is equipped with a visually clear diagram of the hall and a convenient display of available / occupied seats in the hall. A quick switch between films and sessions, a demonstration of the hall scheme immediately on the client’s information monitor make the cashier’s work as convenient as possible.


Ticket Verification Application

A mobile application that installs on smartphones or tablets with a built-in barcode reader. It is used to identify tickets by bar codes at the entrance to the hall. After reading, the application remembers this code and, when trying to re-enter the room, will issue a notification.




Guest Information Monitor

Serves to display to the visitor the layout of the hall and available / occupied seats. It has a direct connection with the cashier’s screen - the guest sees on the monitor which places the cashier chooses or independently chooses the places he needs and this choice is automatically displayed in the cashier’s program.


Module for TV panels in the lobby

Allows you to display information about upcoming sessions on the TV panel or other monitors installed in the hall of the cinema or theater. It primarily serves as an advertising or information monitor. The advantage of this solution is that the staff does not need to constantly monitor the relevance of the displayed information. The data is pulled from SERVIO WorkDesk (the program into which all information is entered) and independently changes according to the entered data.


Automatically upload data to ComScore

ComScore is an international media market monitoring system that analyzes box office receipts, collects user behavioral data, and ticket sales information. Today the company operates in more than 70 countries. In many countries, uploading data to ComScore is even a prerequisite for movie rental from specific movie studios.

There are no such requirements in Ukraine yet. But since recently this system is increasingly mentioned in the world of cinematography, it is possible that soon this requirement will become mandatory with us.

In SERVIO Cinema, data upload to ComScore is already configured. If necessary, you can turn it off or on at any time.


Site Data Sync

The SERVIO Cinema automation system has the necessary API protocol for setting up a site link. Thanks to this setting, you can configure two-way data exchange - receive reservations from the site directly to the SERVIO Cinema system and send data on the availability of rooms to the site.


The system has a built-in special tool - session builder. With it, you can automatically plan the schedule of sessions in your cinema.

How does he work?

You select a film, indicate the rental period and the room where the film will be broadcast. Based on the specified data, the tool automatically arranges a session schedule taking into account all the necessary breaks between impressions.

Website, self-service terminals, cinema box office.

Not. Synchronization of sales channels with each other occurs in real time. Accordingly, if a client chooses a place in the hall, it automatically becomes unavailable in all other channels.

Automatically. It is only necessary to make the appropriate settings in the system (display period, frequency) and download all the information (videos, photos). After that, information on the TV-panel begins to be displayed automatically in accordance with the specified settings, without requiring the involvement of personnel in this process.

Yes. For each cinema, theater, concert hall, the design of the interfaces of products intended for customers (module for the guest infomonitor, module for the TV panel) is individually configured.

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