Hotel Access Control System (ACS)


мобильное приложение для программы лояльности SERVIO Loyalty

Мобильное приложение для программы лояльности


SERVIO Loyalty mobile application is a new format of the loyalty program. Allows you to get closer to your client. A discount card in a smartphone, a client's constant access to personal bonuses and discounts, promotions and special offers of coworking. Convenient reminder system.

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мобильное приложение для программы лояльности SERVIO Loyalty

Configuration module


The SERVIO POS WorkDesk module is used to correctly configure all processes in the POS Coworking program.

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Coworking management, settlement operations, job bookings


The SERVIO POS Coworking software product is the main program for automating coworking, anticafe and hubs. All settlement transactions with clients are carried out in it, workplaces and conference rooms are booked, the availability of free and occupied places in the coworking is monitored.

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Servio POS Coworking software is an automation system that has all the necessary tools for the effective work of coworking, anticafe, hubs.


Sales of goods and services

Customizable price lists, schedule

In the system, you can simultaneously configure several price lists and use them at different times of the day / days of the week. Servio POS Coworking allows you to set up a one-time price list schedule for your coworking. For example, price list No. 1 is valid on weekdays, price list No. 2 is valid on weekends, the system takes this into account in the future, settlements with customers will be carried out automatically, without staff intervention.

Accounting for time spent in the territory of coworking

For example, how many hours / minutes a visitor is in the coworking zone. At the exit, the time of use is paid.

Flexible system for setting up promotions, discount programs and other marketing activities

For all kinds of promotions, special offers and other marketing events, Servio POS Coworking allows you to set up a diverse charging system, for example, every third hour is free.


Rental and hire of equipment

The SERVIO automation system for coworking allows you to control the rental of equipment and its return, to charge for its use according to the current price lists.


Sale of season tickets

For regular customers, you can create a subscription system with different conditions of use: valid on certain days / hours, contain a certain number of hours for one week / month, etc.


Current load control

The Servio POS Coworking program independently controls the workload of coworking. This is very convenient for analyzing rating hours and further planning marketing events to smooth out peak loads.


Reservation of jobs

The ability to reserve jobs will help you plan your download, schedule your coworking and anticafe.


Email, Viber, SMS Distribution

Thanks to the ability to maintain a customer base, you can easily create lists for mailings by e-mail, SMS or in Viber.


Transparent reporting system

In the Servio program for coworking, you can generate sales reports, generate reference or statistical information for a different period of time. This will allow you to make strategically correct and balanced management decisions for development in time, to identify weaknesses in your business.


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