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SERVIO Parking software is designed specifically for the needs of modern parking lots. Billing by time, takes into account time-outs on departure.

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Modern parking lots, where billing is done on time, can not do without an automation system. It is necessary to monitor the time spent by the car in the parking space, take into account time-outs for the entry and exit of the car, etc. Especially for solving such problems, the SERVIO Parking program for parking lots has been developed.


How does the SERVIO Parking program work?

The SERVIO Parking program is directly connected to the controller, which controls the opening of barriers. Upon entering the parking lot, the car owner prints a parking ticket with a barcode. This action is recorded in the SERVIO Parking program, and from that moment the countdown of the stay of the car in the parking begins. To pay, the barcode from the ticket is scanned and the program displays the amount necessary for payment. Then, upon departure, the barcode is again scanned and if there is no debt, the barrier opens.


Timeouts, free parking time

In the SERVIO Parking program, you can set time outs, for example, for a car to leave, which will not be paid. The same goes for special promotions. Many shopping centers or supermarkets provide the first hour of time in their parking lot or parking at certain times for free. In the SERVIO Parking settings, the holding of such promotions is supported.


The presence of a vehicle in the entry area is controlled upon receipt of an entry coupon

Sometimes car owners try to outwit the system by re-receiving parking tickets to reduce the amount of payment. Our comprehensive solution prevents such fraud - the access control system controls the presence of the car in the entrance area during the receipt of the coupon and, in the absence of a car, will not issue the coupon.



As a rule, 2 groups are applied - entry and exit with a cash desk. Their number depends on the number of zones for cars. On each group a barrier and control cabinet are installed. At the entrance, it is equipped with an activation button and additional. equipment: reader, printer.

The visiting team is equipped with a ticket scanner and / or a card reader of the desired type.

Additionally, information displays, self-service kiosks can be used.

Equipment for parking automation is selected for a specific task. Place of installation (street or indoors), width of driveways, intensity. The managers of our company will help you choose the best equipment for your tasks.

Yes, we will select the equipment, configure the control system (software) and complete the installation.

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