Automation of a cafe, bar, restaurant, coffee shop


модуль workdesk в кафе

To configure front office tools


SERVIO POS WorkDesk module - is installed at the workplace of the administrator, manager and / or director. The module allows the flexibility to customize the technological process of the software for each user individually, which in turn makes the system as adaptable as possible to customer requirements. Setting service locations: halls, layout, banquet arrangement and standard layout, as well as the output of reports for a given period.

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модуль Back Office в кафе

Warehouse accounting, accounting and financial accounting


UNF SERVIO BackOffice is an industry add-on for the «1С:Підприємство» configuration. It allows you to maintain management accounting, accounting for food service warehouse (s) at service enterprises. Control of stock balances, drawing up calculation and flow charts, writing off products are far from all the possibilities of the program.

This software package has data exchange interfaces with the SERVIO HMS and SERVIO POS front office software, as well as the exchange of information with the «1С:Підприємство» accounting software. This solution provides for conducting end-to-end management accounting for all organizations belonging to the company, or for each organization separately.

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программа для проведения инвентаризации

Reserve of tables, halls and other placements for visitors


The SERVIO POS Reservation software module is used for convenient reservation of tables, halls, summer gazebos and other places for visitors. It allows you not to get confused in reserves and always control the number of free and occupied places.

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модуль alt=

Mobile app for waiters


SERVIO POS Mobile is a version of the program for tablets and mobile phones that will significantly speed up the work of the service personnel, as it allows you to instantly transfer orders to the implementation without departing from the client. The tool works in conjunction with accounting programs, there is also the possibility of integration with a check-printing thermal printer or a fiscal recorder, which is similar to work on stationary equipment, since all data automatically fall into the overall management system of the UNF SERVIO BackOffice.

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Delivery service organization


The module for organizing the SERVIO Delivery delivery service is designed specifically for delivery operators. First of all, it performs such tasks as generating orders for delivery, receiving orders from online channels, maintaining a database, distributing between couriers, shipping.

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модуль workdesk в кафе

Mobile application for couriers


The mobile application for the courier service helps couriers not to get confused in orders, change the status of orders, delegate them to other couriers if necessary, and, most importantly, the application calculates the most optimal route for the courier, taking into account all delivery addresses.

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модуль workdesk в кафе

Checkout chat bot for Telegram and Viber


The chatbot for placing orders through instant messengers (Viber, Telegram) is synchronized with the delivery module, and therefore all orders placed through it are automatically generated into accounts.

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модуль Work Time в кафе

Automatic data exchange with order delivery services


Integration with order delivery services (Glovo, Dots Platform) provides automatic two-way data exchange between SERVIO POS and the delivery service. Downloading the current menu, prices from SERVIO POS and receiving orders.

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модуль Back Office в кафе

For self-service terminals


The SERVIO POS Kiosk program is installed on self-service terminals in fast foods, food courts, cafes, canteens and other enterprises with self-service areas. With its help, visitors will be able to independently place orders and pay for them. Orders automatically enter the kitchen, and the order status is displayed on the TV panel in the hall.

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модуль POS OrderMonitor

Kitchen module


SERVIO POS OrderMonitor module is designed to track the movement of an order from receiving a new order to issuing it. It is installed on the terminal at the point of order preparation. The use of this module will allow you to move to a new level of quality cooking services and their provision. Control at all stages of preparation will identify weaknesses and eliminate problems.

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модуль workdesk в кафе

Electronic menu


The Justo electronic menu is created so that visitors to restaurants, cafes and bars can independently place orders and pay for them. QR codes with a link to the electronic menu are placed on tables, in gazebos and other places for visitors. Guests scan the code using their own smartphone, place an order, pay for it, and then it enters the SERVIO POS program for waiters, kitchen terminals and appears in the mobile application for waiters.

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модуль infomonitor в кафе

Program for information displays and TV panels


SERVIO POS InfoMonitor module is installed on the monitor / TV panel in the hall in a visible place for visitors to display the status of orders for customers. It is possible to connect promotional video clips or menus.

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мобильное приложение для программы лояльности SERVIO Loyalty

Mobile application for loyalty program


The mobile application for the SERVIO Loyalty loyalty program is designed so that you can be closer to your customers. It is a modern replacement for plastic cards; the client no longer has to carry a discount card with him, it will always be in his smartphone. The application serves as a personal virtual discount or bonus card of the client with a personal account, where the client can at any time check online the number of accumulated bonuses or card transactions. For pre-bookings, SERVIO Loyalty displays scheduled events on the calendar and can send push notifications. It is also a quick notification of customers about special promotions or discounts.

Using the SERVIO Loyalty mobile application will significantly increase the loyalty of your customers.

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модуль App Report в SPA

Mobile application for receiving statistics on the mob. device


SERVIO Mobile Statistic provides the ability to receive enterprise reports on any device (phone, tablet) with the Android and IOS operating system. The use of this module allows the employees of the enterprise to keep abreast of current information and actively respond to changes in certain indicators, for example, the loading of the hotel room (for hotels) or the amount of money (for a restaurant).

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модуль  Loyalty Program в отеле

Segmentation of the customer base, sending messages to a selected group


The SERVIO Notify module allows you to select from the entire database only those customers who have fulfilled any conditions based on the specified rules: they used the "Happy Hours" promotion, placed an order delivery, ordered a certain dish, etc.

The program uploads the data of customers who meet the specified criteria directly to the Turbo SMS messaging service for further sending notifications to them.

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модуль Work Time в кафе

Accounting for staff time


SERVIO POS WorkTime - is installed on the terminal of service personnel and allows you to accurately record the time of arrival and departure from the work of employees, by reading a personal card. The functionality of the tool makes it possible to generate reports for each employee and in general for a different period of time.

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модуль Processing Center в кафе

Maintaining discount and bonus programs


SERVIO Loyalty Program installed on the workplace administrator discount / bonus / payment systems. The processing center can be used both in the network of establishments and in individual enterprises. The functionality of the module fully complies with the requirements for conducting modern marketing activities in the field of hospitality.

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программа для проведения инвентаризации

Taking inventories


The inventory program Servio Mobile Inventory is used to account for the main stocks, intangible assets, inventories and other tangible assets of the enterprise. It is installed on mobile data collection terminals with RFID readers. It is primarily intended for reading RFID tags. Also works with barcodes.

Depending on the reader, it can read tags within a radius of tens of meters.

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Cash register module


SERVIO POS module is the maximum set of functionality for the catering establishment. The system platform with an intuitive interface adapts to any size of business and perfectly integrates with other products from the SERVIO software line.

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The program for the SERVIO restaurant is a comprehensive software tool that solves various tasks of the restaurant business: serving guests, holding banquets, warehouse and management accounting, maintaining costing and technological cards, finances, discount programs, promotions, accounting of staff time and others. The SERVIO program is customizable to any needs of your business, regardless of the type of enterprise activity: restaurant, cafe, bar, coffee shop, fast food, dining room.


Automation is only the first task that the SERVIO restaurant and cafe program solves. Automation system allows you to manage business processes at your enterprise, optimize, identify weaknesses, eliminate them and improve productivity. SERVIO software will organize the work of all areas of the restaurant, cafe, bar, coffee house, fast food and other restaurant business enterprises.

As a result, you will receive:

♦ Increasing customer loyalty

♦ Profit increase

♦ Cost reduction


Network projects

Typical restaurants, cafes, bars

Fast Foods, Fast Food Restaurants

Hotel and restaurant complexes

Mini-coffee shops and cafes with one workstation

Food Delivery Restaurants


The SERVIO automation system consists of various modules, where you yourself can choose which one you will need to work. We do not have special packages - the number of jobs and a set of software tools for each project is selected individually, depending on the needs of your business. The basic automation system consists of SERVIO POS (workstation) and POS WorkDesk (used to configure the system). The remaining modules are connected additionally.


Unlike many competitive solutions on the market, the SERVIO program for restaurants can be bought and does not care about the monthly rent. The low price and flexible modular system make the program affordable for the company with any budget. 


Combine all enterprise management processes into a single system;
To optimize the work of the hall, bar, kitchen, warehouse, cash desk;
Fix and control all stages of guest service - from creating an order to issuing a check;
Identify weaknesses in the company’s work and fix them;
Increase employee productivity;
Identify abuses by staff;
Keep accurate records of staff time;
Set up a convenient system of remuneration and bonuses for employees according to time worked;
Use discount, bonus and payment programs to increase customer loyalty;
Establish communication with regular customers using the email or viber mailing system, a mobile application for the loyalty program;
Collect statistics on visitors: time spent, taste preferences, etc.
Keep warehouse and management records, conduct inventories;
Generate detailed reports.


Get even more features with additional SERVIO modules: mobile applications, a back-office program, tools for kitchen and self-service terminals, an additional reporting module, an inventory program and others.

SERVIO POS Mobile mobile app for waiters

The SERVIO POS Mobile application is designed specifically so that waiters and other service personnel can work directly from mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). The presence of all the necessary functionalities for servicing guests (working with accounts, communication with kitchen terminals, connecting fiscal and check printing equipment), automatic data synchronization and working offline make the application a full-fledged workplace for a waiter, bartender, barista or other employee of the service department.


Program for the SERVIO POS OrderMonitor kitchen: while the guest selects drinks, dishes are already being prepared

With SERVIO POS OrderMonitor, kitchen orders go instantly. How does this happen? In the software where accounts are created (desktop version of POS and the POS Mobile mobile application), there is a corresponding button, when clicked, orders are automatically sent to the kitchen monitor. And in the event that several such devices are located in the restaurant (for example, in each workshop or one in the kitchen the second at the bar), the waiter does not have to choose where to send the order - all dishes in the program are initially associated with their cooking point and are sent to prepare relevant unit.

In addition to “waiter-kitchen” communication, the POS OrderMonitor program also provides “kitchen-waiter” feedback. When the order is ready, the program sets the appropriate status and the waiters in POS or POS Mobile receive notifications that the order is ready for delivery.



SERVIO Self-Service Terminal Software Products - Get Rid of Queues Today

This solution was created primarily for fast foods and other fast food restaurants, where there is a large flow of visitors. To speed up the service process, self-service terminals are installed, with the help of which customers independently make and pay for orders, without involving staff.

A bundle of three additional SERVIO modules will solve this problem:

The SERVIO POS Kiosk program for self-service terminals - displays the menu, offers the client modifiers, additional dishes or drinks, allows you to pay by credit card or cash (if the terminal is equipped with a bill acceptor), sends the order to the kitchen and displays information about the order on the information monitor.

The POS OrderMonitor program for the kitchen is installed on the kitchen terminals and serves as an information panel on the receipt of new orders for cooks, confectioners, bartenders and others. It accepts orders for work or is labeled as “ready for delivery”. Statuses are automatically sent to the visitors information monitor.

The POS InfoMonitor software module is installed on the TV panel in the guest room. It displays the order status to the customer.

Delivery automation at a restaurant, cafe, bar and other restaurant business

Food and drink delivery is a very common service in modern cafes, bars and restaurants. But in order for it to generate revenue and increase the number of satisfied customers, you need to properly set up a delivery system. Our tools for organizing a delivery service will allow your staff to quickly and timely process orders, coping even with a large flow of applications, and couriers can deliver them as quickly as possible.

SERVIO software tools for organizing and automating delivery service in a restaurant, cafe, bar, fast food

► Software for SERVIO Delivery Operators

Provides maximum speed for receiving and processing orders: integration with telephony, customer identification by phone number, automatic generation of orders upon receipt from online channels (chat bot, website, own application), the ability to duplicate orders from history.

► Program for kitchen monitors

Install it at the points of preparation of orders and the staff will automatically receive new orders immediately to the kitchen or bar and will not get confused in orders.

► Chat bot for placing orders.

Not ready to splurge on your own app? Does a site with a food ordering module wait a long time? The chat bot in Viber or Telegram is what you need!

Our chat bot is not a classic bot in Viber or Telegram. His “trick” is that he has synchronization with the POS-system or the delivery module in your restaurant. What does it mean? The placed order in the chat bot automatically falls into the POS program or delivery module with an already generated account. That is, the operator does not need to additionally process the order or enter it into the system - the account is generated independently. And, accordingly, reverse synchronization has been established - all new items in the menu or price changes are automatically updated in the chatbot.

We also have the necessary API protocols for connecting to the site or our own application.

► Application for courier service

Fast, convenient and accurate - this is how your couriers will work with our mobile application for courier service. The application automatically displays all orders for shipment, allows you to manage it as you want (accept, cancel, transfer to another courier) and most importantly, it automatically calculates the most optimal route taking into account all stopping points on the map.


According to the number of jobs. The program for the automation of cafes, bars, restaurants SERVIO POS is licensed for workplaces of wait staff (waiters, bartenders, cashiers). Accordingly, if you plan to install one POS terminal in a restaurant (cafe, bar), you need to purchase one license of the SERVIO POS program, if two terminals - two licenses, etc.

Yes, if you have a small cafe and you only need basic functionality (receiving and processing orders, printing bills and receipts, communication with kitchen terminals). In this case, our SERVIO POS Mobile application is suitable for you. It is installed on mobile devices with the Android operating system.

To implement this solution you will need:

· SERVIO POS Mobile mobile application. The number of licenses equals the number of mobile devices that you will use to work.

· Mobile devices. Technical requirements:

       o Android version not lower than 4.4 KitKat;

        o RAM not less than 2 GB;

· A program to configure SERVIO WorkDesk.

· Equipment for the database. It can be, for example, a nettop.

We recommend using a server or a dedicated PC to store the database. It will provide security and reliable data saving for your company.

However, in small enterprises where 1-2 workplaces are used, the presence of a server is not a prerequisite. Information can be stored on the working terminal. In the case of large restaurants, where a lot of workplaces are used, different software modules are connected, a server is required.

Yes. SERVIO software has a report of suspicious events. It displays all the suspicious actions performed in the program: canceling accounts, deleting positions from a check, transferring positions to another account, applying discount cards, etc.

Yes. We have a main module for organizing delivery. As well as additional tools, such as a courier application and chat bot for placing orders through the messenger.

Everything. We have the necessary API protocols for setting up a bundle with a website or mobile application. To configure, you must provide the same protocol from your online products.

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