Gaming centers


модуль SERVIO POS в автоматизации игровых центров

Program for cafes and food courts


The SERVIO POS module is required to automate a food court or cafe located on the territory of the game center. Thanks to SERVIO POS, you can establish the most convenient payment system: classic (cash or bank card) or using an RFID card, which allows free movement around the territory of the game center, an identifier when purchasing games or entertainment and a current account in a cafe (credit or deposit, in depending on the desired payment).

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модуль WorkDesk в автоматизации игровых центров

Setting up services, menus, prices


SERVIO POS WorkDesk is installed on the workplace of the administrator, manager and / or director. The module allows the flexibility to customize the technological process of the software for each user individually, which in turn makes the system as adaptable as possible to customer requirements. Setting service locations: halls, layout, banquet arrangement and standard layout as well as output of reports for a given period.

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модуль POS Report в автоматизации игровых центров

For extended reporting


SERVIO POS Report is installed on the administrator's PC, manager and / or director. The module allows you to receive a variety of information on the work of the enterprise - final reports, commodity reports at the cash desk, analysis of sales for any period of time in various sections on personnel, cashiers and a specific point of sale.

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модуль POS Kiosk  в автоматизации игровых центров

Самостійне поповнення гостями персональних карт


SERVIO POS Kiosk is installed on a self-service terminal or a touch payment kiosk. As a rule, it is used in non-cash payments zones. It allows the client to work independently with the automation system, to track and replenish their balance.

It is often used in entertainment complexes where the client is issued a deposit or credit card with a chip for settlements on site.

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To track working hours


SERVIO POS WorkTime installed on the terminal staff. Accurately records the time of arrival and departure of employees by reading a personal card; The ability to generate reports for each employee and in general.

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модуль POS Pocket в автоматизации игровых центров

Mobile app for staff


SERVIO POS Mobile is a version for tablets and mobile phones, which will significantly speed up the work of the attendants. Installed on the smartphone / tablet service personnel, which allows to significantly speed up the service process. This tool works in conjunction with accounting programs, there is also the possibility of integration with check printing equipment.

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модуль App Report в SPA

Mobile application for obtaining statistics


SERVIO Mobile Statistic software provides the ability to receive enterprise reports on any device (phone, tablet) with the Android and IOS operating system. The use of this module allows employees of the enterprise to keep abreast of current information and actively respond to changes in certain indicators, for example, the loading of the hotel room (for hotels) or the amount of money (for points of sale).

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модуль Processing Center в кафе

Loyalty program, marketing activities


SERVIO ProcessingCenter module is installed at the workplace of the discount / bonus / payment systems administrator. The processing center can be used both in the network of establishments and in individual enterprises. The functionality of the module fully complies with the requirements for conducting modern marketing activities in the field of hospitality.

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модуль Back Office в автоматизации игровых центров

Accounting, warehouse and financial accounting


UNF SERVIO BackOffice is an industry add-on for the «1С:Підприємство» configuration. 8. It manages a small company for Ukraine and allows you to maintain management accounting, accounting for food service warehouse (s) at service enterprises. This software package has data exchange interfaces with the SERVIO HMS and SERVIO POS front office software and the exchange of information with the «1С:Підприємство» accounting software. This solution provides for conducting end-to-end management accounting for all organizations belonging to the company, or for each organization.

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модуль GameCenter в автоматизации игровых центров

The main program for the automation of gaming centers


The hardware-software complex SERVIO POS GameCenter is designed to automate gaming centers. It is established as a workplace for service personnel and allows you to quickly receive statistics and form your pricing policy. With this tool significantly reduces the time for customer service and to keep records of economic activity.

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The primary objective of the SERVIO automation system for gaming centers, entertainment complexes and children's playrooms is to ensure maximum efficiency of each of the units, to establish their interconnected work, to improve the quality of guest service, while receiving maximum profit.

To solve these problems, the SERVIO program has a number of software tools designed specifically for the needs of entertainment centers, and dozens of integrations with equipment and third-party programs (turnstiles, slot machines, locks for lockers, billiard and bowling control systems, others).


The main tasks that the program for SERVIO gaming and entertainment centers solves

  • Access system. The system provides a relationship between the software and equipment installed in the places of the guests' passage (for example, turnstiles). This allows the guest to independently move around the complex using the identifier (bracelet, key chain or card), as well as automatically debiting the account (when using deposits) or recording (in case of using the credit system) visits.
  • Carrying out marketing events, promotions, using various loyalty programs, bonus systems.
  • A flexible pricing system allows you to use different tariffs depending on the days of the week or time of day, for example, happy hours, etc.
  • The use of domestic currency, which is automatically converted according to the specified rate.
  • Unified discount-bonus-settlement-access system. A card, bracelet or keychain can simultaneously be a deposit or credit account for paying for the use of services on the territory of the entertainment complex, a pass for passing through turnstiles and a bonus accumulative account.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Management of slot machines, communication with a bowling or billiard management system.
  • Automatic inclusion and shutdown of electricity above a billiard table.
  • Operational statistics for the specified period.
  • Transparency of all environmental expenditures.
  • Exclusion of personnel abuse.


The system can generate QR and barcodes, work with contact identifiers (magnetic cards) or contactless (RFID - mifare, emmarine).

As a rule, turnstiles are equipped with controllers and readers. They check online the validity of the ticket (card, bracelet) and allow passage. The ticket itself, if it is disposable, is marked as used. In the case of using reusable pass cards, for example, subscriptions, this visit is debited from the card.

A controller and a reader are installed in the gaming machine (or a token receiver is replaced), which, when activated, deducts the amount of money (according to the price list) from the client’s personal account.

When a child is admitted to the play area, an electronic form is filled out, printed for parents, an identifier is issued to the child and tariffication is turned on.

In the automation system of gaming centers, you can pre-book a table, a lounge, make a preliminary bill to the client and make an advance payment for the event.

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