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Автоматизация ресторанов, кафе, баров

The automation of the rental of equipment, camping or sports equipment and other equipment consists of several basic tools:

  • Rental time rates (rent): per minute, hourly, by day, etc.
  • Accounting for available and rented equipment.
  • Reservation.

Functionality of the SERVIO rental automation system:

  • Rental time rates: per minute, hourly, daily, etc.
  • Start timer for accurate timing.
  • Quick check for free hardware availability.
  • Personal identifiers of the rental with the ability to link up a deposit account.
  • Flexible booking system.
  • The function of automatically debiting the rental cost from the deposit account.


Rental time pricing

A convenient and flexibly configurable tool that allows you to record the rental time. In this case, depending on the type of your activity, you choose on your own how to rate the rental time - by the minute, hourly, by day, etc. For a more accurate calculation, the SERVIO program has a timer that accurately (up to a minute) calculates the total rental time. Most often used for per-minute or hourly rentals. The timer can be started and stopped either manually in the program or using a personal rental identifier - card, bracelet, key fob.


Personal identifiers of the rental

These can be bracelets, cards, key fobs and any other identifiers with an RFID chip or barcode. They are issued to the client when registering a rental and serves as a kind of carrier of all information: a list of equipment that is rented is recorded, the amount of the deposit is stored, and the rental time is recorded. It can also be a client's deposit account from which the rental price will be automatically debited.


Realization of rental at a shop, hotel, restaurant, entertainment center

The rental software integrates easily with other SERVIO programs for restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, movie theaters, ski areas, etc. And therefore, if besides rental you are engaged in other types of activity, you can easily combine them all into a single accounting system.


The SERVIO program is a set of software tools that perform all the main tasks of automating business processes in enterprises that rent or rent equipment, tourist or sports equipment, inventory, etc.

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