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модуль POS Reservation в кафе

Reservation of goods and services


SERVIO POS Reservation is a module that guarantees the convenience of booking and the possibility of prepaying custom-made goods and services, as well as simplifies the process of accommodating guests who have come by appointment. The fact of booking and payment is immediately recorded in the management system, as a result of which the employee receives exhaustive information for further work with the guest. Installed on the terminal hostess or administrator of the reservation.

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модуль infomonitor в кафе

Display of various materials on TV-panels


SERVIO POS InfoMonitor module is installed on the monitor / TV panel in the hall in a visible place for visitors to display the status of orders for customers. It is possible to connect promotional video clips or menus.

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модуль Work Time в кафе

Time tracking


SERVIO POS WorkTime - is installed on the terminal of service personnel and allows you to accurately record the time of arrival and departure from the work of employees, by reading a personal card. The functionality of the tool makes it possible to generate reports for each employee and in general for a different period of time.

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модуль Processing Center в кафе

To implement marketing strategies, loyalty programs


SERVIO Loyalty Program installed on the workplace administrator discount / bonus / payment systems. The processing center can be used both in the network of establishments and in individual enterprises. The functionality of the module fully complies with the requirements for conducting modern marketing activities in the field of hospitality.

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модуль alt=

Mobile application for staff mobility


SERVIO POS Mobile is a version of the program for tablets and mobile phones that will significantly speed up the work of the service personnel, as it allows you to instantly transfer orders to the implementation without departing from the client. The tool works in conjunction with accounting programs, there is also the possibility of integration with a check-printing thermal printer or a fiscal recorder, which is similar to work on stationary equipment, since all data automatically fall into the overall management system of the UNF SERVIO BackOffice.

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модуль SERVIO POS в автоматизации развлекательных центров

Automation system for restaurants, food courts, cafes


SERVIO POS module is the maximum set of functionality for the catering establishment. The system platform with an intuitive interface adapts to any size of business and perfectly integrates with other products from the SERVIO line.

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модуль App Report в SPA

Mobile application for receiving statistics on a smartphone


SERVIO Mobile Statistic provides the ability to receive enterprise reports on any device (phone, tablet) with the Android and IOS operating system. The use of this module allows the employees of the enterprise to keep abreast of current information and actively respond to changes in certain indicators, for example, the loading of the hotel room (for hotels) or the amount of money (for a restaurant).

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модуль WorkDesk в автоматизации развлекательных центров

Module for customization


SERVIO POS WorkDesk module - is installed at the workplace of the administrator, manager and / or director. The module allows the flexibility to customize the technological process of the software for each user individually, which in turn makes the system as adaptable as possible to customer requirements. Setting service locations: halls, layout, banquet arrangement and standard layout, as well as the output of reports for a given period.

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модуль Back Office в кафе

Accounting, financial and warehouse accounting


UNF SERVIO BackOffice is an industry add-on for the «1С:Підприємство» 8 configuration. It allows you to maintain management accounting, accounting for food service warehouse (s) at service enterprises. This software package has data exchange interfaces with the SERVIO HMS and SERVIO POS front office software, as well as the exchange of information with the «1С:Підприємство» accounting software. This solution provides for conducting end-to-end management accounting for all organizations belonging to the company, or for each organization separately.

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модуль Back Office в SPA

VingCard locks for locker rooms


VingCard locks for locker rooms work on RFID keys (bracelets, key fobs, cards). Most often, water parks use RFID bracelets, which simultaneously serve as a key to the locker and a client's deposit or credit account to make payments on the territory of the water park.

In this case, there is no need to assign a specific key to a specific lock - the visitor chooses any free locker and after closing it, the lock remembers the key and allows only them to open the locker. After that, the lock can be closed again with any of the keys.

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модуль Kiosk в автоматизации развлекательных центров

To automate the self-service area


SERVIO POS Kiosk module is installed on a self-service terminal or a touch payment kiosk. As a rule, it is used in non-cash payments zones. It allows the client to work independently with the automation system, to track and replenish their balance.

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The program for automation of water parks, ski resorts and festivals SERVIO is a modular automation system built on a combination of components that are easily integrated with each other, ensuring the interconnected operation of the entire complex.

Features of automation of points of mass provision of services (water parks, ski resorts, festivals):

  • The payment and access system allows you to flexibly configure the rules for entry / exit to the complex.
  • RFID bracelets, key rings or other identifiers can be simultaneously a pass for passage and free movement around the complex, a key to lockers in locker rooms (especially relevant for water parks) and a deposit or credit account to pay for additional services, bills in bars and cafes in the pool area and in the entire complex.
  • Locks on lockers in locker rooms can be opened using RFID bracelets, which are issued at the entrance.
  • Credit or deposit settlement system.
  • Payment for the use of paid services or orders in cafes, bars in the water zone using contactless bracelets or other identifiers.
  • Self-service terminals where guests can independently purchase a ticket, replenish a deposit and pay off loan arrears.
  • Checking the absence of debt from the guest upon leaving the territory.
  • Loyalty system and work with price lists. SERVIO POS allows you to create the necessary number of price lists and turn them on automatically depending on the settings: time, days of the week, places and time of purchase of tickets, etc.
  • The system of the bar and restaurant will help serve customers at food outlets throughout the complex.



RFID-card, wristband, keychain can be a single system of identification of the guest at the water park, ski resort and other entertainment areas:

  • Pass-through system;
  • The key to the locker in the locker room;
  • A deposit or credit account to pay onsite;
  • Bonus account;



The waterproof bracelet serves as a deposit and credit account for calculating the use of additional paid services or paying for orders in a bar or cafe in the water park.

How it works?

A bracelet is a customer’s identifier; it is especially convenient in zones of an aquapark where there is direct contact with water. Each bracelet has its own unique code, which is tied to a specific client. A deposit or credit account is also tied to the bracelet, with which the client pays for the use of additional paid services and is calculated in a bar and restaurant in the water park. You can also use a mixed debit system, which is very convenient if the account balance is exhausted.



Write-off from the deposit account or accrual to the credit account of the amount of payment for the use of paid additional services and calculation in a bar or restaurant in the water park can be done in several ways:

  • Using stationary POS-terminals with special readers. They are installed at points of service or sale of food and drink. The write-off of the invoice amount or accrual occurs by applying a bracelet to the reader.
  • Using mobile devices (most often smartphones) with NFC. Charging / charging occurs on the same principle as with stationary POS monitors - just bring the identifier to NFC.



Any identifiers can be used as passes - disposable paper tickets, reusable plastic cards, waterproof bracelets or key rings. Most often they use bracelets in water parks, paper skipas at ski resorts, disposable paper bracelets at festivals, etc.

To pass, just bring the identifier to the reader. The passage is automatically fixed in the system. In case of use of subscription, the visit is automatically deducted.



When leaving the territory of the water park, the system checks the absence of debt. If there are debts, the client will not be able to leave the territory until he pays the bill.



Install self-service terminals on the territory of the water park and your guests will be able to buy tickets, renew subscriptions, replenish deposit accounts or pay debts after visiting the water park on their own.

Guests no longer have to queue at the cash register. Through the self-service terminal, they will be able to pay by card, device with an NFC chip or cash (if there is a banknote of the receiver). And the company no longer needs to hire additional staff to solve these problems.



A flexible tariff system allows you to use different tariffs for your customers, taking into account the time of visit, day of the week, season or age, for example:

  • children’s;
  • Adults
  • morning;
  • evening;
  • day off.

In this case, you can immediately configure all tariffs, and the automation system will automatically display in the program the price that is relevant on that day and at the present time.

The SERVIO program for water parks, ski resorts and festivals is the whole range of tools, equipment and integrations that will ensure the most convenient operation of the entertainment area, minimize costs, streamline all processes and help make more profit.

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