SERVIO POS for automation of restaurant business

The SERVIO POS program is the main multifunctional tool specially designed for the automation of cafes, bars and restaurants, the purpose of which is to optimize enterprise management for maximum profit. The SERVIO POS software product is easily customizable to meet the requirements of small catering outlets, as well as large chains, entertainment and hotel complexes or food processing centers with a large number of points of sale.

First of all, SERVIO POS is a workplace for maintenance personnel. All the necessary equipment is connected to it and integrations with other software modules of the automation system are configured. It allows you to keep records and control of sales, services, helps optimally allocate resources, minimizes costs, increases the level of service, allows you to organize a loyalty program and monitor its effectiveness.


  • the most simple and intuitive interface
  • flexible settings for various types of enterprises
  • work with orders (creation, processing, closing)
  • split account function
  • modifiers available
  • setting up work with various types of payments, including mixed
  • integration with specialized equipment
  • staff control
  • protection against possible fraud by the staff
  • integration with add-on modules
  • multilingualism
  • automatic removal of Z-reports
  • flexible discount system
  • banquet management, preliminary billing, prepayment, indicating the priority of serving dishes
  • reservation of tables, halls (when using SERVIO POS Reservation)
  • data exchange with the program "1C: Підприємство"

Available interfaces:

  • fiscal registrars and check equipment
  • kitchen and information monitors
  • machines for filling drinks
  • self-service terminals
  • additional system modules: module for the kitchen, information displays, delivery services
  • mobile applications
  • ACS
  • hotel automation system SERVIO HMS
  • availability of an API protocol for integration with the table reservation module on the site, loyalty system

The program for automation of restaurants, cafes and bars SERVIO POS is a software product that allows you to keep track of sales, services and personnel, which will help optimally allocate resources, minimize costs, increase the level of service, organize loyalty programs for guests and monitor their effectiveness.


Tools for detecting abuses and fraud by employees
► Report where suspicious events are recorded (for example, canceling the printing of a check, deleting positions, transferring positions to another account, applying discounts).
► Restrictions on certain operations. For example, only a senior management can remove a position from an account.
► Fixing the execution time of "suspicious operations" in the video surveillance system (when setting up such a bundle).

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