Software PPO interface in SERVIO

Software PPO is a virtual fiscal registrar, an alternative replacement for the classic (physical) fiscal registrar. It eliminates the need for a fiscal device, thereby significantly reducing primary costs. Simply put, this is a software tool that is either developed in the existing software as an additional function, or comes out as a separate software module and performs all operations to fiscalize settlement transactions in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation:

  • records the conduct of fiscal operations;
  • creates virtual fiscal receipts;
  • registers operations in the STS.


Read more about software PPO and how it works in our blog >>

The SERVIO software provides both options for using the PPO software:

  1. built into our software;
  2. working on the principle of integration with third-party software.


Integrations with software PPO are implemented:

Интерфейс SERVIO с программным РРО Checkbox

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