SERVIO POS OrderMonitor for cooking points

The SERVIO POS OrderMonitor module is designed to automate the tracking of the movement of an order from its receipt to issue. Installed on the terminal at the point of order preparation (kitchen, bar). The main task of the module is quick "delivery" of new orders to the kitchen, bar or other point of preparation, tracking the time of preparation of orders and quickly informing the staff of the hall (waiters) about the readiness of the order. The program has a direct connection with the SERVIO BackOffice module, which provides information transfer in real time.

Using the SERVIO POS OrderMonitor software significantly speeds up the order preparation time and, as a result, reduces the waiting time for guests and increases their loyalty.

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  •     displaying information about new orders
  •     taking orders into work or refusing to prepare
  •     notification of readiness for extradition
  •     shipment order
  •     control and fixing the time of order preparation at all stages


Distribution of orders by departments and workshops when using multiple kitchen monitors

If your company has several points of order preparation (kitchen, bar, different workshops), it is advisable to install its own kitchen monitor at each point. At the same time, the SERVIO OrderMonitor program will not overload the staff with unnecessary information - all orders will be sent only to the departments where they are prepared.

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