Country complexes, recreation centers


SERVIO POS для ресторана

Restaurant automation


SERVIO POS is the main module for managing a restaurant in a suburban complex. Calculation of customers, work with invoices, menus and price lists, the use of a system of discounts, banquets - not all of the program's features.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Planning spa services, beauty salon, fitness center


SERVIO Planner is a module for planning services in a spa complex, sauna, steam bath, vats, beauty salon or fitness center located on the territory of the complex. Reservation of accommodations, registration for services, automatic distribution of procedures (especially important for health centers).

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Ticket sales, equipment and inventory rental


SERVIO POS ExpressTrade is responsible for all operations related to the sale of tickets (for example, to the water park located on the territory of the complex, or to visit the entertainment area) and the rental of equipment, inventory, equipment (skis, snowboards, bicycles, etc.).

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Financial, warehouse and accounting


SERVIO BackOffice provides financial, warehouse and accounting management of the entire complex. Optimized specifically for the needs of the hospitality industry.

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Channel Manager для управления ОТА

Placing on OTA channels and managing them


Channel Manager performs one of the most important tasks of the complex - it allows you to place a suburban complex on hundreds of OTA channels and manage them. And thanks to the integration with SERVIO HMS, two-way communication between the PMS system and OTA channels is ensured: all requests are automatically recorded in the PMS, and prices and room statuses are updated on all OTA channels without manual intervention of staff.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Booking module for the site


SERVIO HMS Reservation is installed on the site of the suburban complex and allows site visitors to book rooms online, pay for them, order additional services. Provides always the most up-to-date information on room availability and cost.

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SERVIO POS Mobile для официантов

Mobile app for staff


The SERVIO POS Mobile application enables staff to work from a tablet. Reception and processing of orders, quick access to the menu, modifiers. You can take orders throughout the complex: summer terraces, gazebos, beach tables, etc.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Program for kitchen monitors


Instantly receive new orders in the kitchen, process and ship them, communicate with POS and POS Mobile for instant notifications when orders are ready - all this is SERVIO POS OrderMonitor.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

To provide third parties with limited access to the hotel's room stock


SERVIO HMS Corporate is especially useful for out-of-town complexes that cooperate with travel agencies or companies selling complex vouchers. It provides limited access to the complex's room stock and the available booking function. Simply put, when selling hotel services, travel agency employees can immediately check the availability of rooms and book them.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Electronic menu


The Justo electronic menu allows you to place and pay for food orders directly from your room or cottage. To do this, you just need to scan the QR code.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

VingCard electronic locks


VingCard electronic locks are the safety and comfort of guests, advanced locking technologies and economy of hotel resources.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Room key in the guest's smartphone


The main feature of using the "Mobile Key" from Assa Abloy Global Solutions is that the guest opens his room with his own smartphone. First, it's convenient. Guests no longer need to carry their room key with them. Secondly, economically. You no longer need to constantly purchase new key cards that are constantly lost or stolen.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Electronic safes Elsafe


Електронні сейфи Elsafe відрізняються особливою надійністю і міцністю. Стійкі матеріали і сучасні технології створять максимальну безпеку особистих речей готелю.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана



Minibars are distinguished by a variety of choices (with a glass door, with a metal door) and in various sizes.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Locks for locker rooms


Electronic VingCard locks for lockers in the changing rooms of the pool, water park, sauna, ski room, spa complex and other places where there is a need to store personal belongings of guests. They work according to the principle of "Free locker", when one locker is closed with any key, and opens only with the one that closed it. After which the locker becomes available to everyone again. The key to the locker can be the room key.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Mobile application for receiving statistics on a smartphone


The SERVIO Mobile Statistic mobile app is designed for owners, managers and administration. Allows you to receive information about the work of the hotel and restaurant (room loading, revenue, reports on sold dishes and much more) to your own smartphone.

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SERVIO POS для ресторана

Loyalty program mobile application


The SERVIO Mobile Loyalty mobile application allows you to bring your suburban complex to a new level of service. Client's electronic cabinet, QR code instead of a plastic card, access to personal discounts and bonuses, built-in booking module and many more additional features.

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SERVIO HMS для загородных комплексов

Hotel complex automation


SERVIO HMS is the main module for hotel management on the territory of a suburban complex. Room management, room booking, guest settlement, integration with the booking module on the website and Channel Manager for OTA channels, integration with electronic locks, key issuance and many other functions.

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Программное обеспечение для отелей

Automation of a suburban complex and recreation center should solve three main tasks:

  • Automate every area of the complex's activities: hotel, restaurant, spa and fitness area, rental service, water park, entertainment area, etc .;
  • Provide communication between software and equipment: electronic locks, access turnstiles, lockers in changing rooms, etc.;
  • Establish an exchange of information between all departments and ensure well-coordinated work.

The SERVIO automation system for country complexes and recreation centers solves each of these tasks.


The SERVIO automation system for out-of-town complexes and recreation centers consists of all the software tools necessary for the complete automation of the entire complex:

Автоматизация отеля

Hotel automation

✓ PMS-system for hotel management

✓ Booking module for the website

✓ Management of OTA sales channels

✓ Tools for maids

✓ Mobile Apps

✓ A module for travel partners

Автоматизация ресторана

Restaurant automation

✓ POS for conducting settlement transactions

✓ Application for work of waiters from tablets

✓ Program for kitchen monitors

✓ Automation of the self-service zone

✓ Module for booking tables and halls

✓ Holding banquets

Автоматизация зоны фитнеса и СПА

Fitness and SPA zone automation

✓ Service registration system

✓ Maintaining customer base

✓ Sending messages about upcoming services

✓ Tools for maintaining a loyalty program

✓ Automatic distribution of procedures

✓ Integration with turnstiles

Автоматизация услуги проката

Rental service automation 

✓ Rent of sun loungers, goods for outdoor activities, etc. 

✓ Tariffication by time (per minute, hourly, by day)

✓ Timer for accurate timing

✓ Availability of free / rented equipment

Автоматизация территории развлечений

Entertainment territory automation

✓ Ticket sales, reservation of services (excursions, walks, etc.)

✓ Flexible system of preliminary registration for visiting services

✓ Using local currency

✓ Electricity control over the pool tables

Автоматизация аквапарка

Water park automation

✓ Access to the territory and payment using RFID bracelets

✓ Opening lockers in dressing rooms with RFID wristband

✓ Flexible system of price lists

✓ Self-service zone, self-replenishment of "accounts"

Электронные замки VingCard и комплектующие

Electronic VingCard locks and accessories

Electronic locks for hotel rooms, "office" mode for free passage, emergency exit devices, energy saving devices, lift controllers and other components.

Электронные сейфы Elsafe

Electronic safes Elsafe

A large selection of multifunctional electronic safes for increased security of personal belongings of visitors: classic, floor-standing, wall-mounted, shukhlyadny. Made in different volumes.

Замки для шкафчиков в раздевалках

Locks for locker rooms

For fitness centers, water parks, ski rooms located on the territory of the complex. The locker key can be a room key, RFID bracelet. "Side cabinet" function, individual settings.


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