UNF SERVIO BackOffice for management accounting

UNF SERVIO BackOffice is an industry superstructure for the configuration of «1С:Підприємство». Management of a small firm for Ukraine" and allows management accounting, accounting of the catering store (s) at service enterprises. This software package has interfaces for data exchange with the software of the front-office SERVIO HMS, SERVIO POS and the exchange of information with the accounting program «1С:Підприємство». This solution ensures the management of end-to-end management accounting for all organizations within the company, or for each organization.


  •     formation of menu, price lists
  •     maintenance of costing and technological cards
  •     accounting of semi-finished products
  •     formation of a directory of substitutions
  •     the formation of relevant documents on the sale of goods, services - documents for the production, sale of goods and services, certificates of work performed
  •     cost control and mark-ups
  •     formation of documents on receipt of cash from points of sale with breakdown by their enterprises
  •     receipt of reports, incl. ABC analysis, P & L

General functionality of UNF:

Marketing and Kinds
UNF supports maintaining the product range, prices and discounts of the enterprise, planning sales, as well as working with customers and customers.

Retail sales
UNF can be used in automated and non-automated retail outlets. The formation and printing of labels and price tags is supported.

Purchasing and procurement
UNF provides support for the process of inventory management of the enterprise. Supply service promptly available information to identify and provide internal and external demand for goods and services: the existence of unmet need for inventories, works and services, the actual procurement of open orders to suppliers and manufacturing orders.

Stock and warehouse
Inventory inventory and inventory results are supported - posting and inventory write-off. To maintain inventory on a variety of stores offer extra possibilities (separate accounting inventory accounting arbitrary nomenclature characteristics (color, size, and so on. D.), As well as lots of stocks, taking into account in the context of cell storage areas (zones, racks, shelves, etc. . p.), moving the stockpiles (between storage locations, issuing a refund operation and out of operation for domestic needs cancellation), reservation reserves (accounting and inventory costs sectional customer orders), keeping stocks sectional TBG use uch an order circuit stock of stocks (incoming warehouse orders, expendable warehouse orders), printing of labels and price tags)

Works, services, production
UNF supports the management of production processes, works, services.

UNF allows you to keep a record of funds, as well as to create an operational payment calendar.

  •     the account of movement of money resources in cash department and in bank accounts,
  •     registration of primary documents on bank and cash desk,
  •     calculations with accountable persons,
  •     formation of a payment calendar,
  •     integration with the "client-bank" system.

Salary and staff
UNF maintains personnel records of personnel, including part-time employees, work time records (time sheets) and management calculation of employees' salaries. Calculation of regulated wages and calculation of taxes and contributions regulated by the law from the wage fund is recommended to be performed using the program «1С:Підприємство»


UNF ensures keeping records of property (non-current assets) - fixed assets and intangible assets of the organization (calculation of depreciation, sale and cancellation).

In the program «1С:Підприємство». Management of a small firm for Ukraine" implemented the possibility of management accounting, the receipt of management balance, the formation and analysis of financial results. For these purposes, the system provides for a management chart of accounts and a mechanism for the formation of administrative posting documents.

Analytical capabilities
Analytical reports allow you to obtain information on all accounting sections. The user can independently set (adjust) the level of detail, grouping parameters and criteria for selecting data in reports in accordance with the specifics of the tasks to be solved, and also save their own report settings.

Configuring Accounting Parameters
During the configuration process:

  •     registration of information on organizations of the enterprise,
  •     registration of the structure of the enterprise divisions, warehouses,
  •     adjustment of accounting parameters,
  •     setting up service functions,
  •     Input of initial data on sections of the account.

Integration with «1С:Підприємство»
Data exchange with the program «1С:Підприємство»

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