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модуль HMS Reservation в отеле

Booking module for the site


SERVIO HMS Reservationa tool for booking and paying for rooms in on-line mode. In combination with the automation system SERVIO HMS, this module can significantly increase the convenience of booking and paying for rooms, as well as simplify the settlement procedure. All this in a complex will allow to achieve high loyalty of your guests and significantly increase the number of sales.

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модуль Channel Manager в отеле

Channel Manager for managing OTA channels


Channel Manager от yieldPlanet - it is a software tool that allows hoteliers to manage all electronic sales channels efficiently and quickly from a single management point. Channel Manager allows hoteliers to automate the loading of tariffs, the total number of hotel rooms available for sale, as well as various promotional offers and restrictions. It also offers business intelligence features that help hoteliers make informed decisions to increase revenue and profit.

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модуль Back Office в отеле

Warehouse accounting, accounting and financial accounting


UNF SERVIO BackOffice It is an industry add-on for the «1С:Підприємство» configuration. 8. It manages a small company for Ukraine and allows you to maintain management accounting, accounting for food service warehouse (s) at service enterprises This software package has data exchange interfaces with the SERVIO HMS, SERVIO POS front office software and the exchange of information with the «1С:Підприємство» accounting software. This solution provides for conducting end-to-end management accounting for all organizations belonging to the company, or for each organization.

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модуль ProcessingCenter в отеле

Uploading data from SERVIO HMS to a CRM system


Integration of SERVIO HMS with CRM-systems provides the unloading of contact data, guest profiles, transactions from HMS to the hotel CRM-system (Bitrix24, AmoCRM).

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VingCard Electronic Locks


VingCard electronic locks are a large assortment of locks, colors and handles that can complement any style.

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модуль ProcessingCenter в отеле

"MobileAccess" for pening locks with a smartphone

“Mobile Access” by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is a mobile application that allows hotel guests and staff to open VingCard electronic locks with their own smartphone.

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модуль Back Office в отеле

Self-service terminal for hotels


Servio SelfService allows the guest to settle in the hotel on their own. Performs all basic operations necessary for settlement - book a room, issue an electronic key, accept payments.

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модуль ProcessingCenter в отеле

Electronic menu for ordering food in the room


A great solution if the hotel provides room service. Justo's electronic menu allows you to place a QR code with a link to the menu to place an order.

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модуль App Report в SPA

Mobile application for receiving statistics on a smartphone


SERVIO Mobile Statistic provides the ability to receive company reports on any device (phone, tablet) with the Android operating system and IOS. The use of this module allows the employees of the enterprise to keep abreast of current information and actively respond to changes in certain indicators, for example, the loading of the hotel room (for hotels) or the amount of money (for a restaurant).

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Mobile application for loyalty program


The mobile application for the SERVIO Loyalty loyalty program allows you to completely replace discount plastic cards in the hotel with a modern mobile IT solution. The application is installed on customers’s mobile devices (supports Android and IOS operating systems) and is a client’s discount card (a QR code is displayed on the smartphone screen), a personal account (displays information about accumulated bonuses and available discounts), a reservation module, a personal calendar with reminders about upcoming settlements or visiting, for example, spa treatments.

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модуль  Loyalty Program в отеле

Loyalty Program Management


SERVIO LoyaltyProgram is a tool for managing and building customer loyalty systems, as well as for implementing all kinds of promotions and bonus programs. The flexibility of the system settings allows you to customize any rules for both temporary and permanent marketing activities. This tool works in conjunction with accounting programs, such as SERVIO POS, SERVIO HMS and others, there is also the possibility of integration with check-printing equipment.

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модуль  Loyalty Program в отеле

Segmentation of the customer base, sending messages to a segmented group


The SERVIO Notify module allows you to segment the customer base based on the specified rules (checked into a hotel in the summer, took advantage of the SPA promotion, birthdays in May, etc.). It has a connection with the Turbo SMS messaging service, thanks to which it automatically uploads the contact information of a selected group of customers for further sending letters.

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модуль HMS Corporate в отеле

Connection of corporate companies (for example, travel agencies) to booking rooms


SERVIO HMS Corporate is a corporate booking module that allows you to organize a connection of corporate companies to the Servio HMS system. The use of this module will reduce the number of tasks performed by your staff, and customers will get convenient web-access to operational information about reservations / accommodations of their employees at the hotel.

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модуль SIP-CONNECTION в отеле

IP Telephony Integration


Модуль SERVIO SIP-connection - is an additional service for the SERVIO HMS system. This module integrates with IP-telephony and allows you to see the contact information on the caller on the monitor screen. Using the SERVIO SIP-connection module will simplify the work on receiving incoming calls and greatly facilitate the work on their processing. When you install this module, you can improve the speed and quality of customer service, making the process easy and efficient.

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Accounting for staff time


SERVIO POS WorkTime  installed on the terminal service personnel. Accurately records the time of arrival and departure of employees by reading a personal card; The ability to generate reports for each employee and in general.

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The program for the restaurant


SERVIO POS - this is the maximum set of functionality for the catering establishment. The system platform with an intuitive interface adapts to any size of business and perfectly integrates with other products from the SERVIO line.

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модуль ProcessingCenter в отеле

SPA complex automation


The SERVIO Planner module is used to automate the SPA complex at the hotel. Allows you to reserve procedures, book places of service, plan workload.

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модуль ProcessingCenter в отеле

Taking inventories


The Mobile Inventory program allows you to take an inventory in a hotel using RFID tags. Significantly simplifies and speeds up the inventory process.

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модуль HMS в отеле

The main module for hotels


SERVIO HMS is a tool for simplifying the management of the hotel business and automating the work of all its divisions for maximum control and assessment of activities, personnel management, statistics and reporting. This module provides the interconnected operation of all hotel services for organizing comprehensive customer service and taking into account the wishes of each guest, and also clearly differentiates the functions of the staff through strictly individual access to the system. Automation of all technological processes of the placement: booking, registration of guests, settlements with guests, management of rooms, maids, night audit, etc.

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Программное обеспечение для отелей

The program for SERVIO hotels is a powerful multifunctional software tool that solves all the most important tasks of the hotel business: booking, accommodating guests, holding conferences and banquets, managing staff and monitoring their work, financial and accounting, and others.

The software for SERVIO hotels is:

  • Unified system of managing the directions of activity of the hotel complex (hotel, restaurant, SPA, water park, fitness zone and others);
  • Corporate module for providing access to corporate companies to the hotel room fund for independent room reservation (for example, travel agencies);
  • Exact commodity, accounting and financial accounting;
  • Transparency in the conduct of business activities;
  • Flexible system of booking, accommodation and guest services;
  • Effective number management system;
  • Employee time tracking, staff monitoring, CRM for housekeeping;
  • Synchronization with special equipment, access control system, BMS;
  • Maintaining a customer base;
  • Carrying out discount, bonus and other loyalty programs;
  • Integrated online booking system (website, OTA channels);
  • The interconnected work of all enterprise services to organize comprehensive services and take into account the wishes of each client;
  • More than 130 reports for a detailed analysis of the hotel.

The program for SERVIO hotels has been developed taking into account all the needs of the hotel business, to help the hotel establish business processes, efficiently spend all available resources, minimize costs, optimize staff work and maximize profits. SERVIO software is suitable for hotels of any scale and complexity: mini-hotels, small hostels, hotel complexes, network enterprises, boarding houses, motels and others.

Automation system for hotels SERVIO includes all the necessary modules for efficient automation of business processes in the hotel business


Booking module for SERVIO Reservation website

Channel Manager for OTA channels

Tool for maintaining commodity and financial accounting UNF SERVIO BackOffice

Mobile applications

Software tools for staff

Unified system for managing the hotel industry

The SERVIO program consists of various modules, each of which solves the tasks of not only the hotel, but also the restaurant, SPA complex, fitness room and other areas of the hotel’s activities, combining them all into a single management system and providing a complete relationship with each other.

PMS for the hotel SERVIO HMS

The hotel program SERVIO HMS is the main tool in the automation system for hotels with the widest range of functions. The program solves all the problems associated with booking rooms and servicing guests (accommodation, settlement, etc.), has a built-in CRM for housekeeping, tools for conference service.

A flexible system for setting tariffs and setting special conditions for each sales channel allows you to effectively use the hotel's room fund, while providing protection against overbooking.

The presence of more than 130 reports allows the most detailed analysis of the hotel, identify weaknesses and correct them.

SERVIO Reservation Booking Module

The SERVIO Reservation reservation module is designed so that your site - a direct sales channel - starts selling. It is installed on the hotel website and connected to SERVIO HMS. All information on tariffs, room availability and new bookings is automatically synchronized between these software tools in real time without delay.

Channel Manager for OTA channels

Channel Manager for OTA channels is a software tool that fully automates the use of OTA channels. Automatically receiving reservations in PMS, changing tariffs, updating the current data on the availability of rooms on all OTA channels - and all this within 2-4 minutes. Fast enough, especially when you consider that Channel Manager allows you to use up to 500 OTA channels simultaneously.

Due to the possibility in the PMS-system SERVIO HMS to set special conditions for this sales channel and establish restrictions on quotas (for example, only 80% of the room stock), the program protects the hotel from overbooking.

Connection of the hotel program SERVIO HMS with the software for restaurants SERVIO POS and the program for SPA SERVIO POS SPA

Each of the listed software products in the SERVIO automation system can work both independently and in conjunction with each other. All information about events (for example, a conference) or the use of additional services (for example, visiting a spa) automatically falls into the corresponding programs, thereby eliminating the need to duplicate it manually, improving the quality of service and increasing customer loyalty.

Armor Tools

► PMS-system (ACS) SERVIO HMS for booking rooms by the hotel administrator, for example, at the reception. It also includes bookings from all other channels for receiving applications (website, application, etc.), since HMS is the main program for managing business processes in a hotel.

► Booking module for SERVIO HMS Reservation website to receive requests from your own website. It is installed on the site using the code, has direct synchronization with HMS.

► Channel Manager for receiving applications from OTA channels. Depending on the selected package, you can place your hotel on more than 400 global OTA channels.

► HMS Corporate for booking hotel rooms by third parties, for example, travel agencies. The HMS Corporate program is access to the current hotel room stock and the ability to independently book rooms in it for staff, for example, travel agencies.

► SERVIO Mobile Loyalty mobile application with a built-in room reservation module. With it, hotel customers will be able to book a room directly in the application installed on their smartphone.

Our complete solution for hotels and hotel complexes


By the number of rooms. Room gradations convenient for the client are proposed, for example, up to 10 numbers or up to 50 numbers, hit in which affects the cost of the system. Additional modules and interfaces are also possible that affect the final cost.

Yes. In the HMS program, a flexible system of settings for sales types is available: by numbers, beds or combined (one number can be sold as a whole or separately for beds).

Yes, the system supports tabular and graphical display of information. We want to note that chess is convenient for small hotels. Large hotels, as a rule, prefer to work with tabular forms.

All basic. The complex hotel automation system SERVIO includes several modules for creating and receiving reservations: SERVIO HMS PMS system, reservation module for the HMS Reservation website, Channel Manager for OTA channels, module for corporate booking. All of them are synchronized with each other in the PMS system.

OTA channels - online sales channels that provide search and reservation of rooms through its own system. Simply put, this is an online platform with a large database of hotels and rooms, where the visitor from all available can choose a room that meets his requirements, and book it immediately on the site.

The most famous OTA channels are Booking, Expedia, Airbnb and others.

Automatically. When the Channel Manager module is connected, a link to the hotel PMS system is configured. After that, information about the availability of rooms and their cost is automatically uploaded to all used OTA channels, and the reservations received from them are automatically transferred to the HMS. Information exchange takes place within a few minutes.

Yes you can. The system can be purchased both for permanent use, and purchased for rent with placement on a remote server (cloud).

The program for hotels Servio HMS is a web-solution, therefore it can be run on any device with an installed Internet browser and connected to a network, local or Internet, depending on the location of the database.

Yes, if the database is hosted locally. If a cloud solution is used, then the Internet is necessary.

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